17 Goals to change the world!

In 2015 the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), also known as the Global Goals, were intended to be adopted by the world (OK, just the UN Member States and rolled out worldwide!) as a Universal Call-to-Action to address a number of core social challenges that plague our universe in the 21st century. The SDG’s are a bold and succinct commitment to tackle the underlying humanitarian issues facing our global community today with a commitment to end human suffering and poverty, protect the planet and her resources and ensure individuals thrive in peace and harmony by 2030.

So when we as Domino Foundation read the SDG’s, the purpose and vision of our community impact work of “seeing individuals and communities, living in dignity, justice, hope and purpose” is strategically well directed. Through the Social Justice, Nutrition & Education initiatives, we have set out to change the narrative of our province to close the gap on poverty, hunger, improve quality education, strengthen gender equality and stimulate economic growth.

Our Social Change theme for 2020 is ALIGNMENT, which is to keep positioning our vision, resources, partnerships and collaborations with like-minded #CHANGEMAKERS. The research, monitoring, measurement and tracking indicators in all programmes and interventions align with the SDG’s goals for community impact within Durban, KZN

So if you as an individual, within a company, Trust or Foundation are trying to support the SDG’s and are wanting to engage with transformation within South Africa, then make contact to we can partner towards this national and global movement.

The work of the Domino Foundation aligns with Goals 1, 2, 4, 5 and 8
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