A Story Of Many Parts

Domino Business Development’s Mickey Wilkins describes a success story through a partnering between his company and The Domino Foundation: “The 2022 floods damaged many ECD centres the foundation works with. Funding from ABSA was secured for the rebuilding of several centres. At the same time, chemical manufacturer, SIKA, donated to the foundation a significant amount of water-proofing product as an ‘SED grant’ which Domino Business Development stored the until the rebuilding project began.”

Enter two young men: the first, Ashley Mabasa, had been on the Youth Employment Service (YES) programme for unemployed youth and was placed at a waterproofing company to learn the relevant technical and administrative tools. Shortly, Ashley was offered and became the sole shareholder in the company and then hosted two more YES candidates (facilitated by Domino Business and People-Wise) giving him a sound financial start.

The second man, Mdu Zulu, was running car renovation and sales and  car-lifting businesses and had registered a construction company. Raised in Amaoti, where his mother works with the foundation’s Nutrition programme, he volunteered as a driver with the foundation’s Disaster Relief Unit and was taken on in a ‘casual-paid’ position because of his excellent work ethic.

This is where the various threads of the success story started coming together.

The foundation, recognizing Mdu‘s entrepreneurial potential, negotiated  a 6-month Enterprise Development contract with his construction company. People-Wise approached Ashley about mentoring Mdu as a YES candidate to release leadership and technical skills.

When Mdu completes the YES programme in 2024, Ashley plans to sub-contract work to his construction company.

The project manager contracted on the ABSA rebuild project sub-contracted the waterproofing to Mdu’s company. Ashley assisted with the quotations and invoicing. As the work was in the Amaoti area, Mdu employed local labour on the project. The SIKA product donated to The Domino Foundation was used together with other materials bought from Ashley’s company. Both the project manager and Ashley confirmed that the job had been accomplished with excellence. 

Mickey underlined the consequences SIKA’s original donation of product: “Skills transfer was made to a promising entrepreneur; a new business emerged and expertise in the use of the product range was gained; a quality YES candidate was a significant benefit to a developing black-owned business; the ECD centre repairs were achieved using quality products and techniques and waterproofing solutions were demonstrated in the townships; the project manager can now use the new business as a service provider on other jobs.”

 “This amazing co-operation, seeming coincidence, and a will to be part of something benefitting so many is an inspiration for other success stories.” is keen to help facilitate other partnerships to see empowerment and change happen in our communities.

Caption: Mdu Zulu’s construction company has been vital player in a partnership in the reconstruction of Amaoti Early Childhood Development centres.

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