Babies Affects June/July 2015

Big news in the Fairhavens Babies Home has been the adoption of one the precious babies into their forever home. We celebrate with this wonderful occasion and pray that baby is loved unconditionally. With this exciting news Fairhaven’s prepares itself for the arrival of a new little life and looks forward to being a safe place until he or she finds their forever home.

The six children who currently call Fairhavens home loved their visit from community service volunteers from local surrounding schools that came to help at Domino for the week. The children were treated to hand painting and plenty of interactive playtime, a very important form of stimulation that helps to develop gross and fine motor skills. Gross motor development is movements that involve using the large muscles of the body; so rolling over and catching a ball and fine motor development involve movements using smaller muscles like painting.

Other exciting news has been the development of Fairhaven’s very own veggie garden on the property to help supplement the children’s meals. One of the I-Can staff has been looking after the plot and has just been sent on a training time at the Domino Foundation veggie gardens. This training will help the vegetables, and the children, flourish!

Looking after small children requires 24 hour attention and the Babies home staff work shifts to ensure every little body is carefully cared for. In saying this, the home is looking for two small TV’s for the night staff to enjoy when the babies are sleeping. Please contact the office if you are able to help.

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