Babies Effects 3rd Quarter 2015

The Domino Foundation loves to celebrate new beginnings. So it with great joy that we celebrate the adoption of a little boy from one of our two babies homes.

This will be the first adoption from the Ububele Babies Home, opened at the beginning of the year. The restoration home sits next to the Fairhavens Babies Home, sharing resources and a green yard with its neighbour. Between the two homes eleven precious little lives are looked after.

The precious little six year old was placed at Ububele Babies Home at the beginning of the year. During the year the fun-loving boy has grown in leaps and bounds under the nurturing care of house mother Precious and has settled nicely into his daily routine. Not only has he been ‘growing his mind’ whilst attending a local play school but he has learnt some important skills like how to ride a bike.

Now he starts the next chapter of his life with his forever family and is welcomed into the loving arms of the Mun-Gavin family. Mother, Jaci Mun-Gavin, cannot be more excited to have him home.

She believes, “Adoption is like the gospel in my living room. When we see a child’s future changing forever, when we get to be agents of redemption, it is a full-colour picture of what God wants to do for all of us. He wants to bring us back to our true identities, give us our true names, and open up the destinies he has for each of us. We are so excited to have Ntokozo joining our family on Monday, 28 September, and we know that he will add an essential element to who we are as a family.”

We wish the Mun-Gavin’s all the best as they create new memories together!

The whole family!

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