Babies Effects May

Smiles, laughs and squeals of delight, all of the Domino Foundation’s tots are happy and healthy and growing up at an alarming rate. Isn’t it amazing how under the right care and love, children just flourish!

Our Babies Homes are a place of safety for abandoned babies that have found themselves without a guardian for a number of reasons. These include weak support structures, gender inequality, violence, HIV/AIDS, mass urbanisation, the vulnerability of young girls and overwhelming poverty.

If for whatever reason you come across an abandoned baby there is a certain procedure you need to follow. Child Welfare and our team from the Domino Babies Homes share their advice on what to do if you find yourself in this high-pressure situation.

Ntokozo, the little six-year-old boy who is staying at our second babies home Ububele, is blossoming at school. He’s currently in Grade R at Care Bare Pre-school class and impresses everyone with his good behaviour and lovable smile. He’s still on the lookout for a bicycle to play with in the afternoons.

The other six children at Fairhavens have been enjoying their ‘playtime’ and creative stimulation by the two volunteers who have been spending their Friday afternoons at Fairhavens. The volunteers have been doing activities that help with developing the tots’ gross motor and fine motor skills, reading age appropriate books and helping out with any admin tasks that pop up. The Babies Home is very lucky to have these two dedicated ladies!

A big thank you to the Union of Jewish Women, Durban Executive Branch, who donated a colourful jungle gym to Fairhavens. The children have been over the moon with their new ‘toy’!

Fairhavens and Ububele go through a tremendous pile of nappies every day, amounting to an astounding 450 per week, and are in desperate need of nappies and toiletries (like wetwipes). If you are kind enough to donate nappies please remember to purchase Pampers, huggies or cuddlers nappies, as cheaper versions give the babies nappy rashes and end up costing more in the long run.

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