It has just come to our attention that there has been a recent advertising post on Gumtree advertising a salary position at the Domino Foundation. WE DID NOT POST THIS – IT IS A SCAM.

Since we have become aware of it we have notified Gumtree and the local authorities. Please be extra vigilant with all job postings and keep your eyes open for scams.

Update [06/05/2016]

An overview of the scam itself:

An individual, by the alias of Mike Nkhosi, posted 4 job positions for The Domino Foundation Babies home. Having copied text and wording from our website, he added his own private contact details (telephone number, cellphone number and fake email address ) for individuals to contact the fake HR Department. He would then request that individuals send through their CV to the fake email address and pay a cash deposit of R3000 – R6000 to secure an interview/position.

This is a scam. We did not post these positions and have not received or requested any deposits.

Since the posts were found:

  • On 26/04/2016 we reported the ads to GumTree management. GumTree promptly removed the false adverts and are remaining vigilant going forward.
  • On 26/042016 we reported the incident to the local authorities to open up a case.
  • The adverts have been removed but unfortunately, individuals have circulated the adverts via their own network (emails, SMS etc.) Please – if you have passed these on, advise those people that it is a scam!
  • Police have advised that if anyone has been caught by the scam and have deposited money into the scammers accounts (which are not The Domino Foundation accounts), the individuals would need to report the situation to their respective banking institution and lodge a fraud case individually.

We urge individuals to be extra vigilant with all job postings and keep their eyes open for scams. As far as we are aware, it is illegal to request payment to secure an interview or job position and we will never request that of candidates.

To date, we currently do not have any job positions available at The Domino Foundation and would advertise any future positions appropriately.



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    Sifiso Mtolo says

    Thanks guys to let us knw in advised n god be with u coz this people there playing us coz the knw we need work.

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