Bound for Canada

The Domino Foundation’s Babies’ Homes have been their worlds for as long as they can remember. For sister and brother, Jade and James, the extended family of House ‘Moms’, care givers and ‘siblings’ has been their safe space and what has given them identity for much of their young lives. And now, an amazing adventure begins!

Their adoptive Daddy and Mommy have made the long journey from Calgary, Canada, to meet their “ready-made” family and take them to their new home. Life will be very different and a wonderful world of opportunity will open us for the young pair. Calgary fireman Dad, Owen Watson says, “Jolene and I are thrilled to have two wonderful children who have been given an amazing chance in life due to the tremendous, loving, and consistent care provided to them by Gogo Linda and her fellow care workers. Jolene and I are touched by the love and support offered to us. As for Jade and James, we’ll be teaching them how to throw snowballs and build snowmen in no time!”

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