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Trip to Blue Roof Life Space

Our Red Light Ladies (Women at Risk) visited the Blue Roof Life Space in Wentworth, Durban last week …
Here is insightful feedback from our Release Co-ordinator, Esther Madikane, on the increased impact in vulnerable people when we work together to care for them!
Career Assessment Centre:
Blue Roof is one of our outsource partners whose career tools are designed to help individuals better understand how a variety of personal attributes (i.e. data values, preferences, motivations, aptitudes and skills), can definitively impact their potential success and satisfaction to select different career options and work environments best suited to their personality strengths and interests
We partner with their services by sending our beneficiaries to their state of the art Career Assessment Centre to help the ladies get ready for their Release Phase of our Intervention, so they have with a better understanding of what careers they are suited to and what skills, qualifications and education they need to get there.
Wellness Centre:
Blue Roof is one of the Zoë-Life ICS Projects which also runs a Wellness Centre to provide HIV Services and Support. It is such a privilege to access all these services under one roof. A large percentage of our beneficiaries are HIV+ and after being assessed we determined they were either not on treatment, or have defaulted and are not taking their treatment!
Our beneficiaries will continue receiving ongoing services from The Wellness Centre for their HIV Treatment and Support
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Mandela Day – Online Activations

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” Nelson Mandela

We realise and respect that many of you might want to do something for Mandela Day this year but would prefer to do it from the comfort of your own offices or homes. So herewith some simple and super fun options:

  1. Could you zap a R67 gift to us? Thank you Zap away and please challenge 6 – 7 friends to do the same! Can we make it easier? WhatsApp us on 083 777 5633 and we will send you the mobile Zapper link to forward on …
  2. Are you an avid Zwift racing cyclist? Yay then please cycle in the Virtual Aquelle Tour Durban on 25 and 26 July 2020. It is R50 per entry and you can seriously chase that leader board!!
  3. Or are you more of a #WeekendWarrior type cyclist, where it’s about the coffee and the connecting and the great open road? Great, then please get your cycling crew and sign up to participate in the Virtual Aquelle Tour Durban on 25 and 26 July 2020 It is also R50 per entry and you can race your mates along the beach, bush or berg …
  4. Are you artistic and wildly creative? Could you draw a picture, do a painting, create a doodle or take a series of photographs? Anything to do with hope. Then you can auction it off to your friends and family online, tag us in your “online exhibition”, share your story and donate the proceeds to us!
  5. Do you act, create drama, write poetry or sing? Could you add your voice to a video about the importance of education, justice and nutrition? You could share it on your social media channels and tag The Domino Foundation to create greater awareness of the importance of the #DominoEffect – #fromcradletocareer giving #dignity #hope and #justice
  6. How about challenging your friends overseas to any of the above options? We have PayPal especially for those that love Africa, her sunshine, Shwe Shwe, the big 5 and our beloved Madiba!
  7. Could you continue to raise awareness and support of our Hope Vouchers please? R410 is just a click away and brings freedom of choice and dignified relief aid

THANK YOU AND GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The BIG picture

We thought it would be super helpful to put all our programmes into a one page “big picture format” for you, to make it easy to identify with our common values and purpose and how each programme interconnects with the other.

The aim is to reduce vulnerability step by step in a beneficiary’s life creating a positive #DominoEffect from Cradle to Career, an beyond!

There are three additional safety net interventions for added support of Human Rights, Disaster Management and protecting the Environment.

We hope this inspires you, as your impact plays it part in this story!

The Domino Programme Infograph

The interconnected #DominoEffect reducing vulnerability from Cradle to Career with additional Safety Net interventions in support!

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Red Light on abuse. STOP!

Our Anti Human Trafficking goal is to help those that are abused to see themselves with new eyes, God’s redemptive eyes, restored and released in wholeness!

From January – March 2020

Our four beneficiaries attended group work and individual case counseling every Tuesday and Thursday. The mornings start with small healthy breakfast and then a devotion where we read the scriptures from the Bible and then discuss spiritual matters and crippling beliefs.

This year is quite different as we are also using the Project Exodus Recovery material which is translated in IsiZulu though our Restore Co-ordinator and Counsellor, Gugu Mazwele.

In addition, Gugu says each lady has had to appoint their own accountability partner (within the programme or external) with whom they report to and account for their actions, decisions and finances.

The Red Light Release Co-ordinator Esther Madikane is away on maternity at the moment.

Other helpful independent interventions include financial literacy lessons from our volunteer Financial Planner to help the beneficiaries to create a budget and to teach them how to start saving their money so they are equipped and empowered once they exit the programme.

During COVID-19 lockdown, Gugu has been in contact with the ladies via Whatsapp video calls, #StayingConnected by sending them motivational messages to keep them to help them stay focused and accountable.

Gugu chatting to one of the beneficiaries via Whatsapp call


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In addition to its primary work of reaching out, restoring and releasing survivors of exploitation and human-trafficking, The Domino Foundation’s Red Light’s programme has the vision to collaborate with other groups to influence South African decision-makers to act to reduce human-trafficking in our country. Red Light also aims to raise awareness of human-trafficking in a society which is largely unaware of the enormity and extent of this plague in our nation.

The Red Light programme is the KZN point-of-contact for The National Freedom Network (NFN), a group of people and organisations around South Africa working to combat human-trafficking. The aim is to connect and interact with like-minded persons and groups to exchange information, share resources and best practices, and develop professional contacts in the counter-human-trafficking field.

In 2009, a symposium was held to engage relevant high-level stakeholders on the topic of human- trafficking. Cherie Blair, patron of the international anti-trafficking organisation “Stop the Traffik” and wife of the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, was the keynote speaker. Because the nature of the crime of human-trafficking calls for a collaborative response, an outcome of the event was the highlighting of the need for all the parties dealing the scourge of human-trafficking to co-ordinate their efforts.

The following year, a base was established for the Network and critical areas to be addressed were identified. The National Freedom Network (NFN) was formally launched in May 2011, growing into a solid national network of anti-human-trafficking role-players across South Africa.

Curbing the scourge of human-trafficking is a critical priority of the National Prosecuting Authority. Red Light is also a part of the HHPPB (Human Trafficking, Harmful Traditional Practices, Pornography, Prostitution and Brothels) taskforce. This body was established to combat human-trafficking with local government and organisations.  In KZN, the task team has been operating since 2008 and is driven by the National Prosecuting Authority’s Sexual Offences and Community Affairs Unit. The team comprises some 35 organisations including the South African Police Service, government departments, non-government organisations and international organisations.

Twenty first century slavery in its many forms has tens of millions of people caught in its ugly tentacles. As many as 40 million men, women and children are enslaved worldwide and each year the illicit trade in human beings generates US$150 billion. Human-trafficking in South Africa ranges from sex trafficking through child labour, domestic servitude, organ smuggling, child-brides, illegal child adoptions and debt-bondage to the use of body parts for muti. Often hidden from sight, slavery is a problem which numbers among its victims millions of children.

Just as young people are brutalised by this appalling crime against humanity, young people also are making their voices heard in the fight against human trafficking. In response to the CNN Freedom Project, students around the globe joined in #MyFreedomDay on Wednesday 14 March, both to highlight modern slavery and celebrate freedom.

The Grade 12 students at Northlands Girls High School in Durban North came together in solidarity with the many South Africans their age and younger who are entrapped in some aspect of slavery. The school partners with a number of The Domino Foundation’s seven programmes, one of which is Red Light. It is envisaged that Red Light will partner with other schools in Durban to promote awareness of the enormity of this social ill afflicting South Africa and challenge the learners on how they can make a difference to heal this blight in our society.

If you are stirred to join the fight against modern-day slavery and human-trafficking, contact Esther at or want to find out more about the programme, click here.

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Planning has been a keynote item on the agenda for the Red Light programme before the start of 2018 and as the year has unfolded…what are the programme’s objectives for the year, how many ladies the programme would accommodate, what programmes and activities at the Drop-in Centre would be most impactful and beneficial in equipping and empowering the sex-trafficked survivors spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively to fulfil their purpose and destiny through Red Light’s restoration programme.

At the start of the year, Red Light’s Release Phase took in five beneficiaries all of whom had been in the Restore Phase in 2017. The process of this Phase is a tailor-made programme catering to each beneficiary’s needs…temporary provision, up-skilling, education, vocational training, and possible job placement as well as ensuring that the beneficiary is sustainably released back into society and is employable.

The Release Phase has a number of specific aspects to help the beneficiaries into wholeness before they step into “freedom”. The weekly biblical teaching sessions cater for the beneficiaries’ spiritual development, helping them understand how to apply God’s Word to their daily lives. ‘Personal Growth’ is a nine session process where behaviour change, setting goals and developing a personal long-term vision is dealt with. On a very practical short and long-term level, Red Light’s financial advisor volunteer runs monthly financial planning sessions for the ladies on budgeting, expense recording and saving. As so many of the beneficiaries have little or no formal qualifications, the question of what employment opportunities will be open to then when they leave the programme is crucial.  Many have not completed their Matric and so arrangements have been made for them to complete their high school studies with the Department of Education over a period of 10 months as from August. Red Light is seeking funding for its beneficiaries to be able to complete their Matric studies and welcomes enquiries from individuals and companies keen to partner with the programme in this regard. To complement this, the beneficiaries completed an online Career Guidance assessment. As a result, one of beneficiaries completed a secretarial, administration and computer course and two more will be attending an End User computer course in May. Another beneficiary is on the Domino Skills Development programme and will be doing her ECD Studies as well as a First Aid Level 1 later in the year with a view to becoming a Grade R teacher. One of the beneficiaries is attending vocational training with one of Red Light’s partners five days a week and earning a good living wage. Her excellent work ethic is likely to open other opportunities. Once our beneficiaries have obtained their qualifications, possible job placements will commence. Red Light would like to form relationships with corporate partners wanting to provide vocational training for the beneficiaries in a range of career opportunities. If you are able to offer a temporary placement for shadowing, please contact Esther (

After the highly publicised murder of a sex worker in Durban North, has shocked the city into realising that the scourge of human-trafficking, drugs, prostitution and brothels is far wider-spread  than many had previously wanted to acknowledge. The new awareness has resulted in Red Light being approached by community and local papers about its views to the whole issue of human-trafficking and on how society needs to respond to the victims of this ugly large-scale business which blights our city and nation.

The increasing awareness of and concern about human-trafficking in all its guises (prostitution, under-age and slave labour, child ‘brides’ and much more) has led to the setting up of the HHPPB (Human Trafficking, Harmful Traditional Practices, Pornography, Prostitution and Brothels) Task Team. This body’s purpose is to consider and implement programmes which will heighten awareness of this multi-faceted problem and equip young people in particular to protect themselves and others against falling prey to human-trafficking. Red Light has been involved in monthly Task Team meetings where new documents, materials and systems are being implemented in the 2018 action plan.

With regard to promoting awareness of human-trafficking, Domino responded to the CNN Freedom Project in which students around the globe joined #MyFreedomDay on Wednesday 14 March both to highlight modern slavery and celebrate freedom. Read more here.

The making of the distinctive “Create Freedom” jewellery from the bark of the fever tree is a crucial part of Red Light’s funding and a full range of products has been finalised and a launch date of the Online Store is eagerly awaited.

Esther ( would be delighted to give you further information on Red Light’s actiities and on how you can be part of this impactful programme.


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Red Light Programme Update – 3rd Quarter

During the third quarter, Red Light has conducted various training sessions with a number of communities, equipping individuals for the fight against trafficking and exploitation of vulnerable persons. Red Light personnel received an intensive three days of training by UNDOC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime). That event, government and non-government bodies were able to discuss combatting trafficking in South Africa and methods to support survivors and prosecute perpetrators.

The Red Light programme has been able to create economic sustainability and employment opportunities through co-labouring with our beneficiary. This has enabled our beneficiary to earn a monthly sustainable wage through vocational training.

Our jewellery and swop-shop scheme has played a big role in assisting our beneficiary with day-to-day provision for her basic needs. Through our walking shoulder-to-shoulder with our beneficiary, we were able to pinpoint her struggle with literacy and communication in English. She was referred to UKZN were she is now completing educational assessments.

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2016: What a year!

This year has been a time of exponential growth, tough challenges, our faith been tested and of course, many lives been changed. In 2016 alone we’ve been able to impact the lives of over 5000 individuals on a daily basis. During our journey we’ve seen 3 key areas being highlighted:

1. Increasing our areas of influence

A big cause for celebration has been The Domino Foundation moving from being a North Durban NPO to a nationwide NPO.

We’re excited to announce that The Domino Foundation’s areas of influence now include: Waterloo, Oshebni, Amanzimtoti, Inner city Durban and Cape Town. We’ve also continued to strengthen our existing relationships with donors, volunteers, NPOS and governmental departments like the Department of Home Affairs, the Department of Social Development and the National Prosecuting Authority.

2.Partnering with local churches

We have loved partnering with other churches to outwork their social justice initiatives.

This year we’ve partnered with Glenridge (Durban Inner City) and The Rock (Umhlanga) through the outworking of the Red light Anti-Human Trafficking programme; Life Changers (Tableview, Cape Town) for the Recycle Swop Shop and Kingsway Church International (Amanzimtoti) to open another sandwich kitchen. As we’ve been able to share our experience, skills, knowledge and feeding expertise we’ve seen an incredible growth in the Amanzimtoti Sandwich Kitchen. In just eight months the kitchen has grown to preparing 660 sandwiches a week – an incredible growth rate!

3.Beneficiary Impact

We started the year with four programmes and expanded to seven community transformational initiatives.

Babies’ Homes – We provided a loving, family environment for 15 children in our two transitional homes with 6 babies being adopted into their ‘forever homes’.

Life Skills Programme– We worked with 4 under-resourced primary schools and 726 children on a weekly basis through lessons, one-on-one counselling sessions and after school activities – all aiming to empower learners to make wise life choices.

ECD Programme– We started the year upskilling and transforming 23 crèches into sustainable small businesses and places of active learning and increased to 44 establishments by year-end. Our work in the ECD space ensures that over children are receiving quality foundation-phase development throughout KZN.

Feeding Programme– We opened an additional kitchen to feed the south Durban basin, as well as added an additional 17 establishments (a combination of crèches/kindergartens and primary schools) to our feeding programme across KZN. By the year-end we were feeding a total of 55 establishments and averaging an incredible 98 000 meals a month!

Red light Anti-Human Trafficking – This programme joined Domino in 2016 and in 2017 we look forward to welcoming 8 ladies into our programme where they’ll be assisted, cared for, restored and released.

Recycle Swop Shops – The social justice and environmental programme joined Domino in 2016 with three swop shops operating in the Western Cape.

Bursary Programme – In 2017 the programme will fund 5 students’ tertiary education, giving them the opportunity to build themselves a future through education.

Thanks to donors and volunteers, your support has enabled us to continue changing thousands of lives through showing mercy, combatting injustice and empowering individuals throughout our beautiful country of South Africa. If you would like to partner with us for 2017 please let us know.

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#KnowYourNPO: Red Light

We’re excited to announce that from October Red Light Anti Human Trafficking officially joined The Domino Foundation as one of our community transformation initiatives. Which makes it the perfect time to shed some light on our newest programme! Read about Red Light here, what this union means for you and how you can get involved.

#1. Did you know that 27 million people are a victim of human trafficking across the globe Human Trafficking = Exploitation of vulnerabilities.


#2. Red Light reaches out and assists survivors of human trafficking and exploited sex workers who feel they cannot exit the industry due to social and economic circumstances. Although Red Light works with victims of sex trafficking you cannot truly separate sex trafficking from other forms of human trafficking – forced labour or being smuggled into a country means that individuals are more likely to be exploited for commercial sex acts.


#3. As one of the few second phase human trafficking programmes in our country, we have a heart to see exploited human-trafficked survivors restored to hope and dignity. We do this through REACHING OUT, RESTORING and RELEASING victims of human trafficking to fulfil their purpose and destiny.

#5. Our vision is to reach out, restore and release survivors of exploitation and Human Trafficking. We do this through equipping and empowering individuals spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively to be able to fulfil their purpose and destiny.

#6. We are motivated to see the chains of oppression broken and the oppressed set free!  This is done through REACHING OUT into Durban’s areas of high prostitution and exploitation. Red Lights heart is to LOVE and build sustainable relationships with the ladies and identify and assist those who are exploited or vulnerable to exploitation.


#7. Red Light has a RESTORATION programme for Human Trafficked survivors and sex workers who are vulnerable to exploitation. Our Drop-in Center creates an environment where we offer emotional, financial and spiritual support with the aim to restore Dignity and Hope.

#8.Red Light’s programmes are based on LOVE and the word of God to release our beneficiaries into sustainable lives of FREEDOM and HOPE.

#9. Do you want to support a Survivor of Human trafficking but aren’t sure how? Simply sign up to MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet (It cost’s you NOTHING) and make The Domino Foundation a beneficiary. Every time you shop at participating outlets, the store donates a portion of your shopping cost to us! Sign up to the MySchool programme here: http://www.dom


#10. Support The Domino Foundation Red Light Programme by donating through Zapper South Africa. Simply take out your phone, scan the QR code below and select an amount to donate. Proceeds will go towards supporting survivors of Human Trafficking.





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