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Mickey Wilkins of Domino Business was Guest of Honour at the 2017 Annual Speech Day at George Campbell School of Technology in Durban.  The school offers a specialised academic education in which learners follow a technologically-based course which can lead to admission to a university, a university of technology, FET colleges or any other form of post-school training, with particular emphasis on Civil Technology, Electrical Technology and Mechanical Technology.

After Mickey’s address, The Domino Foundation was approached by an Old Boy of the school, Jose Martin, who had been impressed by what had been shared about the Foundation’s activities and was wanting to sponsor a Grade 11/12 pupil through their high school studies. His long term aim would be to see the student through his or her tertiary studies or post school learnership with the potential of absorbing the student into his manufacturing company on successful completion of the degree or course. His dream is to see this grow into a long-term solution to the challenge of training up skilled men and women in technological spheres and integrating them into the nation’s workforce. Dreaming big, he stated, “I would like to give every George Campbell student a bursary!”

Jose has put out the challenge to other George Campbell Old Boys to follow suit and rally to the cause of supporting up-and-coming students with potential by partnering with The Domino Foundation’s Skills Development Programme. The programme’s vision is to create a platform through education to empower and equip disadvantaged individuals to reach their full potential and Brad King, the programme’s leader sees this move by Jose as an excellent opportunity to empower young people at George Campbell to achieve an education in their chosen field: “In addition to providing access to funding for tertiary qualifications like this from VRM Manufacturing, Skills Development supports and students through a mentorship programme to ensure they have the confidence, knowledge and tools required to seek employment.” A senior student at George Campbell has been identified and since the start of 2018 has been supported in his studies by VRM Manufacturing. As a skills development facilitator, The Domino Foundation is delighted to be part of a new initiative like this and is well-placed to assist with BBB-EE documents and points for businesses engaging in positive action to bring about nation Transformation.

Mickey Wilkins was enthusiastic when he said, “If this initiative gains momentum, it has the potential to significantly increase the capacity and skills available to Ethekwini’s manufacturing sector and the economic development of the metropole will be dramatically impacted.”

Anyone interested in taking up Jose’s bursary challenge or needing assistance with Skills Development points can contact Tarin Stevenson (

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The Domino Foundation’s Skills Development programme’s vision is to create a platform through education to empower and equip disadvantaged individuals to reach their full potential in their chosen field. It does this by providing access to funding for tertiary qualifications, living and travel allowances and educational resources. Building on the success of the programme over the past two years, bursaries for 2018 were awarded to twelve successful candidates and the students registered and began their studies at the start of the academic year. It was encouraging to see the increase in range of study areas the students are involved in. Five of the students are studying Education and one each Law, Financial Management, Dentistry, Medicine and Media and Public Relations and two are in disabled learnerships.

All the students attended a meeting at Domino where Operations Manager, Shaun Tait, gave an overview of the Foundation. Leaders of the Skills Development programme, Brad and Taryn King, discussed the heart behind the initiative, what is expected of the students and of Domino, and inspired the students for their challenging year ahead. Domino has paid the students’ registration fees, fees due, book costs and stipends. The mentorship aspect of the programme, which primarily focuses on equipping the student to maximise their time of study, also supports and walks alongside them to ensure they have the confidence, knowledge and tools required to seek employment once their studies are completed. To ensure relevance and effectiveness, all activities are monitored and evaluated and so a document was set up for mentors to track the students’ well-being and progress.

In the process of building confidence, part of the students’ programme with Skills Development will include a Toastmasters course that students can be further equipped for their futures as effective public speakers and as strong leaders. Toastmasters’ supportive learn-by-doing environment is an excellent vehicle to help the students achieve their goals.

A challenge has been recognised in that the circumstances of Individual students vary greatly. This means that determining needs and how to meet those needs to be on a personalized basis and the formalised mentorship programme will be an effective tool in achieving this. Leanne Barker, Volunteer Manager at The Domino Foundation (, would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in knowing more about what is expected of mentors.

This quarter also saw the programme expand its offering to include a three-year funding cycle with the potential to align with the donor’s SETA and Business sphere.  You can read about how The Domino Foundation partnered with a donor to provide a new method of impacting the manufacturing sector. Read more here.

The Skills Development programme is fully compliant and aligned with the new B-BBEE codes and The Domino Foundation qualifies as a skills development facilitator. The independent Beneficiary Analysis was received from our rating agency, ‘AQRate’. If you or your company need to obtain skills development points, please contact Tarin Stevenson (031 563 9605/

Opportunities for an increased range of specific skills training are being explored as it has been very gratifying to see the programme expand from purely university and college education into the realm of learnerships as well. The Skills development programme is looking to develop partnerships with service providers in the skills development sphere and is identifying potential new donors. Brad King expects that an increased pool of candidates for 2019 now that the new online application process is operational. He is certain that opportunities for post-school education and training will be opened up for greater numbers of young people who would otherwise be faced with bleak futures.

Individuals or companies who would like to partner with Skills Development in this exciting programme can contact The Domino Foundation on 031 563 9605 or

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Skills Development Programme update – 3rd Quarter

With mid-year exams now behind them, the three students who have Skills Development bursaries for university studies are to be congratulated on all having obtained straight “A’s.  A total of 22 people have received the opportunity to enrol for learnerships, college and university study in a variety of disciplines and practical skills. Bleistahl Manufacturing South Africa, the Whalley Collective and Vetter and Associates have been extremely generous in funding these young people. Two are studying to become teachers and the third is doing Dental Therapy. One young man who has completed a course in welding is looking for employment. If anyone has an opening for him, please contact the Foundation on 031 563 9605.

The Domino Foundation Skills Development Programme is dependent on both corporate and individual financial donors and would be pleased to partner with other corporate entities in seeing the programme’s reach expand.


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Skills Development Programme Update – 2nd Quarter

The students on the SkiSkils Dev update 1lls Development programme were set up with the necessary requirements for studying and their university financial obligations were met. The programme leaders met with students collectively to discuss the requirements and expectations of the programme and the students have been mentored through the processes and stresses of university life.

The programme has grown significantly in 2017. Three students enrolled in courses at UKZN and one at UNISA at the start of the academic year and an expansion of the programme saw a number of young people enter learnerships in a number of disciplines such as welding.

An initiative to promote the Skills Development programme is about to lauSkills DEv up[date 2nch in high schools in the Amaoti, Phoenix and Waterloo areas at the start of the third term. Sifiso Hlongwa of Domino Business and, until the end of 2016, a long-serving member of the Domino Foundation’s Life Skills team, will be addressing Grade 12 students in the schools on the whole scope of the Foundation’s programmes and activities and on the Skills Development programme. He will be accompanied by several of the young people who are currently on bursaries or learnerships through the Skills Development programme. They will encourage the high school students to consider what tertiary education opportunities they would like to access and to talk to the team about how they might go about fulfilling their dreams.

Discussions with the University of KwaZulu Natal have resulted in a career guidance programme being set up to help pupils on decision-making on their future careers and on how to apply to tertiary education institutions.

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Young adults pursue their tertiary education dreams

The independent tank storage group, Vopak, was delighted at the news that one of the 2016 Matric students at Amaoti 3 High School, Mbali Mpanza, had scored 74% in her Physical Science examination. Through The Domino Foundation’s Life Skills programme, Vopak has been sponsoring tuition in the subject for a number of the school’s senior students through the kind offices of Mr Bodalia, a Physics teacher at Northwood School.

Mbali plans to study Dental Therapy at UKZN Westville. The Domino Foundation’s Bursary Fund Programme has tailor-made a funding plan to enable Mbali and two other students, Nobuhle Ndlovu and Sindiswa Shange, to take up tertiary studies.

Sindiswa has also been accepted to do Dental Therapy and Nobuhle will be studying at UKZN Edgewood for a B Ed. The programme provides academic fees, living, travel, books and resources allowances. It also mentors the students to gain the full benefit from their studies.

An earlier recipient of a Domino bursary, Silindile Ndlovu, has successfully passed her first year of studies and has been offered a bursary, which includes post-study employment, through the Department of Basic Education’s Funza Lushaka Bursary Programme. This will enable her to complete a teaching qualification, an opportunity that probably wouldn’t have been possible without the Domino transition.



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