Thinking out of the Box …

Berea-based NPO, the AtomGate Foundation, (an outreach arm of Morningside IT solutions and services company, AtomGate), has once again linked up with the Domino Foundation Nutrition programme in Amanzimtoti. A bakkie-load of flip-top plastic containers to be used as lunch boxes was donated for distribution to Domino’s beneficiary partnering primary schools, high schools and a community centre where the Nutrition Programme operates. CEO of AtomGate, Kevin Meredith, and founder of the AtomGate Foundation commented, “We have previously joined forces with Domino helping make sandwiches. Now, we felt that the schoolchildren receiving Domino’s sandwiches needed containers to put the sandwiches in.” As a deacon in Kingsway Church International, Amanzimtoti, Kevin has been par of the Domino Toti kitchen since 2016.

Cheryl Dann, who leads Domino’s Toti operations, said, “We distributed this generous donation to our beneficiaries who opted for big waves of gratitude as their smiley faces were hidden by masks!” Cheryl expressed her sincere appreciation to AtomGate saying, “Support from local business partners like AtomGate, which is a real community player, adds such value and joy to our work. We would love to connect with other local companies who want to partner with us to bring hope and really make a difference in our beneficiaries’ lives. Please contact me on feedingtoti@domino.org.za.”

Caption Domino’s Purity Ngcongo with Kusakusa Primary School Grade 7 pupils Nomthandazo Khumalo (left) and Msizi Hlongwa and some of the lunch boxes donated by the AtomGate Foundation.                                                                                      

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#LockdownLove Mask Campaign

Today is #Day50 of lockdown in South Africa, so we thought it would be apt to launch our Shwe Shwe Mask #EachOneReachOne Campaign.

The intention is to kick start this initiative with an early bird special* of R50 to purchase two #DominoEffect branded cloth face masks from The Domino Foundation. However one mask will be delivered** to you the shopper to wear and the other mask will be donated to a beneficiary on our programmes. That way we double the joy and impact of caring for one another during this COVID-19 pandemic.

So if you identify with the love of our Mask Models as posted on our social media platforms, please purchase your masks online OR simply click her to zap R50 payment https://zapper.com/url/eoKQQ-BdEu to share the #DominoEffect of #EachOneReachOne.

Remember to include your delivery address or you can email your details with proof of payment to karen@domino.org.za and we will arrange the rest!


* Early bird special ends on Thursday 21 May 2020

** Free delivery within a 10km radius of Durban North

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COVID-19 In response to our Staff


As a large proportion of our staff live within the communities that we serve, a number of our staff are at risk of infections as well. While we as a civil society role player exist to serve our beneficiaries, we as an organisation also exist for the benefit of our teams. The team’s health and wellbeing is of the utmost importance and as such we have implemented a Work from Home (WFH) Policy up until 14 April 2020, when schools and programmes are scheduled to resume.

Field-based teams – As per our usual protocol during school holidays, field-based teams will break for the extended holidays (18 March – 14 April 2020)

Office-based teams – The team will have remote access, utilise Zoom technologies for Virtual Meetings and schedule regular Telecommunications Meetings as needed while working from home.

Our team will continue to support our Stakeholders and Partners effectively and efficiently during this period. We have instructed all staff to practise essential social distancing techniques, increased hygienic practices, strict immune support programmes as well as self-isolation should any symptoms materialise over the next few weeks.


Finally to our Members, we are responsible to you for ensuring that The Domino Foundation continues to serve our Stakeholders, support our communities, influence our city and achieve our objectives for 2020. We have conducted a Risk Assessment, combined with an Environmental Analysis of our macroeconomic impacts and are developing a strategy to ensure our continued success throughout this period. Our focus during this period, is to continue with our core programme objectives and ensure the well-being of our Beneficiaries, Partners and Staff/Team.

Kind regards,

Shaun Tait

Chief Executive Officer

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COVID-19 Response to our Partners

PARTNERS: Donors | Volunteers

Financial and Non-Financial Donors:

We will increase our communication with donors and continue to serve their needs for documentation, paperwork, reports and feedback, remotely. To reduce unnecessary exposure we have decided to implement the following:

  1. Staff impact days – Both off-site and on-site Staff Impact Days/Team Builds have been postponed for the foreseeable future to minimise risk of infections.
  2. Connect Tours – Scheduled Connect Tours for Management to view programmes in action have been postponed got the foreseeable future
  3. We-Share gatherings (Corporate presentations) – scheduled We-Share gatherings with Donor Staff Teams have been postponed for the foreseeable future.

Although our programmes have been adapted to ensure that we meet our beneficiary’s needs during this period of uncertainty, our Donor Relations Team is confident that we will still support our partners CSI, B‑BBEE, National Development Plan (NDP), Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Funding Objectives for 2020.


  1. Community Service Work Weeks: We have taken the decision to postpone our 1st Community Work Week for 2020, with plans to add an additional week during the second half of the year.
  2. Regular Volunteers: As programmes go on a break during the extended school holidays, volunteer’s shifts will be postponed for the break. We will review this policy once we have a clearer picture of how long this pandemic will last.
  3. International Volunteer Programmme: Based on the travel ban and quarantine period, we have taken the decision to cancel/postpone our International Volunteer Programmes that were scheduled before 30 June. We will liaise with each group accordingly.

In essence, we are placing a moratorium on all Programme-Orientated Volunteer Opportunities for the foreseeable future.

Kind regards,

Shaun Tait

Chief Executive Officer

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COVID-19 Response to our Beneficiaries


Heeding the call of our government, our immediate goal is to ensure that the delivery of our interventions do not require our beneficiaries to put themselves at risk of exposure to COVID-19. The steps we are outlining below, have been designed to

  • minimise the use of public transport
  • provide safe social distancing practices and
  • ensure that our programmes are still delivered and objectives met, where possible.

Social Justice Programmes: Abandoned Babies Home | Red Light Anti-Human-Trafficking

At our Baby Home, the 24 hour care and protection of vulnerable children remains our highest priority and so we have increased hygiene methods through enhanced cleaning routines and staff decontamination measures. We have also consulted with our care team and have adjusted our staff roster to accommodate overnight stays during this period to reduce external travel. We have also taken the decision to reduce volunteer interaction and will prohibit non-staff visitors to the home for the foreseeable future.

With regards to our Red Light Anti-Human-Trafficking Programme, we have taken the decision to explore the opportunity of running our programmes online. This means beneficiaries will be given data bundles and our counsellors will continue to follow and encourage our weekly sessions via video calls and WhatsApp counselling techniques. Devotions, case work counselling and recovery modules will continue to be offered digitally and activities and assignments will be submitted online

Education Programmes: ECD | Literacy | Life Skills | Skills Development

With the majority of our Education Programmes being school based, we will follow our usual protocol of pausing for the school holidays for our Early Childhood Development (ECD), Literacy and Life Skills programmes. Based on the decision taken by the Department of Education (DoE) to extend the first term holiday by 10 days (18 March – 14 April 2020), we will extend our break and regain these ‘lost days’ later in the year as per the DoE’s plans to shorten the June/July holidays.

Our Skills Development programme will continue to support our bursary students during this time and assist candidates to follow the relevant university guidelines and online, distance learning study methods adopted by each institution. Mentors will continue to connect with students remotely through WhatsApp, video calls and electronic communication methods as needed.

Nutrition Programme: Sandwiches | Soup | Porridge

In line with standard holiday protocols, our Nutrition Programme will also close as usual during the extended school holidays and our Relief Feeding Programme (Nutrition Hampers, Food Parcels etc.) will continue with distribution to vulnerable families each month as needed. Our drivers and office-based staff will continue to implement enhanced hygiene routines and standards ensuring that hampers continue to be distributed to designated distribution points.

Disaster Response:

Our response team have already been active in the weeks leading up to the announcement by our President of a national state of disaster. We have met with the eThekwini Disaster Response team for a co-ordinated effort and are working together with the SA Red Cross, City Hope & Zoe Life. Through education training workshops with our beneficiaries and the dissemination of preventative information and hygiene packs (sanitizers and disinfectants) our team is focusing on prevention techniques and directing individuals to national hotline numbers for treatment and further information.

Kind regards,

Shaun Tait

Chief Executive Officer

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COVID-19 Response from our CEO

18 March 2020


“We are all members of the great human family, created in the image of God” Genesis 1:17

The Coronavirus has arrived on South African shores and one aspect that it has certainly highlighted, is our equality as humanity. This virus has no boundaries, does not discriminate and does not respect national borders. It is OUR virus, and together, in unity, we can stop the spread through a calm, well-informed and planned response.

In preparation for the expected arrival of the COVID-19 virus, The Domino Foundation conducted Awareness and Education Training with our staff and implemented enhanced hygiene and cleanliness procedures throughout our organisation on Friday 6 March 2020. Through distribution packs of hand wash, hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes, our team began implementing heightened cleaning and hygiene protocols within our office work space, vehicles, kitchens and the Baby Home. Following the address from our President on Sunday night 15 March 2020, and the declaration of a National Disaster, we met as a team to discuss the way forward to ensure the safety of our stakeholders.

While we do exist to serve our 12,351 beneficiaries in times such as these, leadership requires that we have to make decisions regarding the health of our Beneficiaries, Partners and Staff to ensure that our actions reflect the best interests of our stakeholders. Due to the nature of our work taking place into local communities, a large portion of our beneficiaries represent the ‘high-risk population’ having underlying health challenges (HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis etc.) as well as serving an aged beneficiary group.

As such, as of Tuesday 17 March 2020, the following additional measures have been put in place to ensure the safety and good health of all our stakeholders. We have separated our response into 3 categories, pertaining to the impact on each stakeholder respectively, namely;

  1. Beneficiaries,
  2. Partners: Donors & Volunteers
  3. Staff and Members

Each subsequent attachment shows steps taken for each stakeholder, summary is provided below:

BENEFICIARIES: Click here to read how this impacts our beneficiaries

  • Baby Home – closed to volunteers and external visitors until further notice.
  • Nutrition, ECD, Literacy, Life Skills & Skills Development – following standard protocol of closing during the school holidays (18 March – 14 April 2020). To resume in April 2020 pending Government updates.
  • Red Light Anti-Human Trafficking Programme – Off-site protocols will be implemented and curriculum and counselling to continue digitally via cellphone communication.
  • Disaster Response – Prevention Education and Training Campaigns to run as usual. More details of how you can support to follow on Friday 20.03.20.

PARTNERS: Click here to read how this impacts our Partners

  • Donors – We will continue all support and donor relation services, but will operate remotely. Postponing all Staff Impact Days, Connect Tours and In-person Presentations.
  • Volunteers – moratorium on all Volunteer Opportunities (CommServe Work Week #1, Regular Volunteers, Schools Programme and International Volunteers).

STAFF AND MEMBERS: Click here to read how this impacts our Staff & Members

  • Field-based teams – As per our usual protocol during school holidays, field-based teams will break for the extended holidays (18 March – 14 April 2020). To resume in April pending Government updates.
  • Office-based teams – Continue to work remotely, utilise Zoom technologies for Virtual Meetings and schedule regular Telecommunications Meetings as needed.

We stand with Government and implore every citizen to adjust their current lifestyle to apply strict:

  • Social Distancing Techniques
  • Immune Building Practices and to ensure increased
  • Hygiene Sanitation and
  • Self-isolation, should the need arise.

The above measures will be in place until 14 April 2020, and will be reassessed in consultation with Government communication updates.

South Africa, we continue to pray for you and stand in solidarity during this time of need. Our prayers are with those who are high risk individuals as well as the small and medium businesses, and those organisations that operate in the Tourism, Hospitality and Service Industries who will largely be affected by the downturn of socialisation and will face longer lasting economic impact.

While these are times of global panic and uncertainty, they are also times of incredible opportunity, innovation and potential. We will continue to serve our stakeholders to the best of our ability and ask for continued support, grace and flexibility to adopt methods of best practice during this time.

It is another great day to change a life and to partner together for the future of our country!

Kind regards,




Shaun Tait

Chief Executive Officer


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The National Development Plan (NDP)

2020 is ushering in more than two decades worth of national democracy since South Africa’s elections in 1994 and like every other 26 year old adult, we’ve ditched our childhood dependencies, started ‘adulting’ and have our lives all together right? Dong! Wrong! Like most young grown up’s, we’re starting to realise that being an independent ‘born free’ adult is harder than it looks and that we actually need a whole lot more mentoring, guidance and support to be the mature peeps that we dream we want to be.

In 2012 the National Development Plan (NDP), was launched and updated in 2015, to map the journey that our country is on towards the 2030 vision of “A South Africa that belongs to all its people”. The NDP Planning Committee identified 6 key pillars that, if addressed, would strategically move our country forward and within each pillar, specific goals were identified and objectives set to act as a National Action Plan to reducing poverty and eliminating inequality.

So when we as Domino Foundation read the NDP and understood the goals, it affirmed that we are building towards the common vision for our beautiful country and her people. Through our Social Justice, Nutrition & Education initiatives, we’ve set out to change the narrative of our country to Unite our country, encourage Active Citizenry and Build the Capabilities of our nation.

Our Social Change theme for 2020 is ALIGNMENT, which is to keep positioning our vision, resources, partnerships and collaborations with like-minded #CHANGEMAKERS across our city, province and country. The research, monitoring, measurement and tracking indicators in all programmes and interventions work towards achieving the NDP goals to pull together on this social impact journey within Durban, KZN

So if you as an individual, within a company, Trust or Foundation are also working towards the NDP and are wanting to engage with transformation within South Africa, then please make contact so we can partner towards this national drive.

The work of Domino Foundation aligns with Goal 7, 8 and 9 of the NDP
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What’s the 4-1-1 on the LEARN TO READ Challenge:



With low literacy rates plaguing our education system, resulting in South African students remaining on the back-foot all through their schooling careers, Domino has launched a LITERACY PROGRAMME to assist schools teach high-quality English, Reading for comprehension and Phonetic word-building.


Repetition, ‘drill sessions’ and continuous reading solidifies concepts, expands language vocabulary and builds confidence in students. You will spend your 67 minutes with 5 students, group-teaching one of our literacy lessons. Your lesson plan will include activities such as letter cards, word building and group reading.



As this challenge will take place during the school day, teams will need about 2 hours to complete the task. A shuttle will run from the Domino Offices in Durban North to one of our schools where teams will conduct their literacy group-teaching lesson for 60 min. A shuttle will then bring the team back to our offices once complete. The return trip, lesson prep and literacy activity should be complete within 2 hours.


Teams are required to provide their own transport to and from The Domino Offices at 37 Mackeurtan Avenue, Durban North. The shuttles will leave Domino offices at 08h30 sharp and return at 10h30.


The cost to participate in our Mandela Day LEARN TO READ challenge will be R160-00 per person. This R160 covers;

  1. The production of the literacy resources, student workbooks and materials for classroom lessons
  2. A R25-00 per book production cost to donate an audio book to the school library.


– Confirm your participation by contacting Lisa via email admin@domino.org.za or calling 031 563 9605. You will be sent a confirmation letter with further instructions and necessary details.

– Get your team together and prep them on the task at hand! Lesson plans and explanation videos will be sent with your starter pack!

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Doyle (admin@domino.org.za).

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What’s the 4-1-1 on the RELIEF AID HAMPER Challenge:



The Domino Foundation works with a number of families and households that live below the poverty line of R534 per month. On top of this abject poverty, often these families are further impoverished due to crisis and disasters beyond their control (Flooding, shack fires, death of a breadwinner etc.). Domino works with these families to ensure long-term support and opportunities for education are realised, allowing a family to break the cycle of poverty. But during this process, immediate and crisis relief aid is necessary while the long-term strategy is outworked.



Run collection drives, encourage your suppliers and partners to give and gather as many items from our RELIEF AID HAMPERS as possible so you and your team can sort and pack much needed Relief Aid hampers at your office on Mandela Day.



As this challenge will take place at your offices, you can choose when the best moment will be to set aside 67 minutes for your team to collectively sort, pack and deliver relief aid hampers to Domino before 2pm.


Purchase your RELIEF AID STARTER PACK for R670.00 (Includes Instruction card, 5 buckets, Item list and other required items to complete the challenge!).



  1. Assign 1 staff member to co-ordinate the Mandela Day drive.
  2. Send emails to suppliers, partners, clients and staff to encourage support.
  3. Designate a drop-off point in the office, visible to customers, where individuals can place donated items.
  4. Set aside an area on Mandela Day for the team to sort and pack hampers.
  5. Co-ordinator takes photos and videos of the team packing, uses the supplied Instagram frame and posts images on companies Social Media platforms.
  6. Co-ordinator arranges for packed hampers to be delivered and drop off at The Domino Foundation Babies Home by 2pm on Thursday 18 July.



  1. Assign 1 staff member to co-ordinate the Mandela Day drive
  2. Collect money for all the corresponding items you are needing

to purchase to fill your number of hampers. (ie. 5 x each item etc.)

  1. Co-Ordinator purchases items in preparation for Mandela Day.
  2. Follow steps 4 – 6 above.


– Confirm your participation by contacting Lisa via email

 admin@domino.org.za or calling 031 563 9605. You will be sent a

confirmation letter with further instructions and necessary details.


– Start spreading the word and gathering the necessary items

you need to fill your hampers! The more items the more

Relief Aid hampers you can fill!


If you have any questions, please contact

Lisa Doyle (admin@domino.org.za).

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By now I’m sure you are all well aware that 10 days ago heavy rains swept through the greater Durban area leaving a trail of flood-related destruction across our municipality. Areas such as Chatsworth, Clermont, Umlazi, KwaMashu and Amanzimtoti were severely impacted, resulting in the loss of lives, homes, buildings and the displacement of a number families.

The Domino Foundation have already mobilised a number of resources and donations to assist those impacted and we have now partnered with the city’s Disaster Management and Emergency Committee (DMEC) to provide additional capacity and assistance with the co-ordinated, ongoing effort to provide relief.

We are still in the RESPONSE PHASE of disaster management and although search and rescue and the first response teams have already concluded the initial assessments and support, FOOD SECURITY & HEALTH are next on the disaster triage system. Displaced families are currently being housed in community centres and halls while they begin to re-build their lives.

The Domino Foundation have committed to provide humanitarian assistance to 500 families for 1 month through the provision of;

1. Emergency Food Hampers and
2. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) packs

Each hamper will feed a family of 5 for a period of 14 days, where a second hamper will be distributed. During this period, the DMEC will co-ordinate the re-integration process of individuals and families back into their communities.

The Domino Foundation have again partnered with JAM SA who will provide a 25KG bag of nutritious porridge mix and an additional bag of soup mix to compliment the Relief Aid Hampers.

We are calling on YOU, the Domino community, to collect and drop-off the needed items to make up these hampers or alternatively, purchase the Relief Aid hampers online and we will gather all items needed. Full or part hampers are most welcome and items can be dropped off at our office at Anthem Church, 37 Mackeurtan Avenue, Durban North.

If you would like to make an EFT donation, please use the following details:
ACCOUNT NAME: The Domino Foundation
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62070191962
REFERENCE: Relief_(yourname)

Finally, thanks again for uniting together and giving Domino the privilege of acting on your behalf to provide assistance during this disaster.

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