“All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I had been eager to do all along.” – Galatians 2:10

Increasing our care for people with integrity, humanity and accountability!

The KZN Disaster Response: Churches Respond is convened by the KZN Christian Council and is a broad and inclusive coalition of Churches, Christian Associations, Ecumenical Networks and Ministers’ Fraternals committed to using our extensive footprint across the KwaZulu Natal Province to respond more effectively towards the Civil Unrest.

The broad strategy is made up of 5 areas:

  • Relief – KZN Disaster Response is leading the relief arm of this strategy. See below details.
  • Communications
  • Care (Pastoral & Practical)
  • Advocacy around Social & Economic Vulnerability
  • Prayer and Theological Reflection


Number of areas cleaned up


Number of Hampers/Households
Individuals Impacted


Number of Hampers/Households
Individuals Impacted


schools supported
learners fed


Even during a chaotic civil unrest in KZN, the four phases of Disaster Management still apply;

1. Mitigation, 2. Preparedness, 3. Response, 4. Recovery

In KZN, we are currently in Phase 3 and 4:

Response. We as the KZN Response Team have been organizing ongoing outreaches – managing trucks full of donations and distributing food and essential items to affected communities. We strongly believe that we need to act fast with structure in order to help those in need.

Our RESPONSE PHASE STRATEGY is looking to impact three different types of groups:

1. Rural/Peri-Urban Communities:

The KZN Disaster Response Team receives donations of different products from individuals, communities, businesses and other organisations. The products are then packed into Relief Hampers, once they are packed they are sent out for distribution by the KZN Disaster Response Team or collected for distribution by our partnering organisations. Through our networks we, channel support to both peri-urban and rural communities impacted by this event.

2. Live-In Facilities:

We are partnering with We Are Durban to deliver food relief to live-in facilities to help those that are vulnerable during this time.

3. Refugees/Foreign Nationals:

We see the need to take care of those who have moved to our beautiful country voluntarily or involuntarily by partnering with Zoe-Life to support Refugees and other Foreign Nationals. We focus efforts to provide food relief to foreign nationals impacted by this crisis.

Checkout our videos of our Durban City Clean Up, where we cleaned in the Durban CBD and surrounding areas.

Our RECOVERY PHASE STRATEGY is a twofold strategy:

1. Clean-Up Groups

We’re looking to create a clean-up movement to help rebuild our local community. We’re looking to work with DSW and Global Shapers to clean parts of Durban CBD, Umhlanga and Cornubia. Our Mandela Day initiative gathered hundreds of volunteers who served our city through clean-up efforts on 17th and 18th July, focusing on Pickering Street, Shepstone, Dr Langalibalele Dube Street, Fountain Lane and the Berea Centre.

2. Economic Recovery

We are looking to help implement the DCCI Business Recovery Action Plan(BRAP) in order to restore our local economy here in KZN.

Domino Business, together with restoreSA have implemented a small business relief fund, linking small business owners to volunteer mentors to assist SMME through recovery strategies.

Track our support progress

Relief Aid Distribution

Map 1 = Map of hotspots and households served by KZN Response

Map 2 = Mapping the relief efforts of ALL NPO’s, Churches, groups and individuals.