COVID-19 Response Strategy

As we come to terms with the COVID-19 outbreak in our country and the need for businesses to rapidly respond to this shift, we cannot ignore the risk that this virus poses to our most vulnerable and high-risk communities.

The KZN response team are aiming to put together 100,000 Hygiene Hampers (1 per family) and are calling on citizens, families and businesses to help stem the tide of infections through supporting and joining this Collaborative Collection Drive.

We have partnered with a number of city churches across eThekwini to set up ‘Drive-through drop off points’ where people can drop off any number of items (See list attached) from our aforementioned Hygiene Hampers. Alternatively, if you would like to make a financial contribution towards a hamper instead, simply purchase one online here. (Click me or the button below!)

If you are purchasing your own items and would like to drop them off. A list of Church Drive-through Drop off points is below:

  • Anthem Church – 37 Mackeurtan Ave, Durban North
  • Glenridge Church at The Station – 65 Masabalala Yengwa Ave, Durban
  • CityHill Hillcrest – 1 Greenmeadow Lane, Hillcrest
  • One Life Church – 462 Alexandra Rd, Pietermaritzburg
  • The CommUnity Project – 18 Trevor Wadley Close, Warner Beach, Kingsburgh


COVID-19 will have a detrimental impact in both the short and long-term;

•             Health ImpactShort-term, immediate impact
High Risk individuals include those aged 60 and above, those who have compromised immune systems or health challenges such as HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis (TB) as well as individuals who lack access to proper hygiene and sanitation facilities.

Secondary Health Impact will be the overburdening of our public Health-Care System to manage the amount of cases at one peak time.

•             Economic ImpactLong-term impact
Individuals who work hand-to-mouth i.e. Crèche Owners who survive financially on day-to-day caregiver Fees, Domestic Workers and Small Businesses and Organisations who work in the Tourism, Hospitality and Service Industries. A recovery plan will need to be created to assist communities and small-businesses ‘bounce-back’ as quickly as possible after this pandemic.

We at The Domino Foundation are a part of the KZN Response Network, which is a collaborative group of faith-based organizations involved in Disaster Management and Response work and we are calling on you to partner with us to provide relief during this critical time.

Even during a Biological Disaster/Pandemic, such as COVID-19, the four phases of Disaster Management still apply;

1. Preparedness, 2. Response, 3. Recovery, 4. Mitigation

In South Africa, we are currently in Phase 2: Response. We have cases on the ground, in wide-spread geographic areas and we are responding to the immediate needs. Governments plan to enforce social distancing to #FlattenTheCurve and reduce overloading our Health Care System can succeed if all individuals play their part.


Education Training
Distribution of Training material in multiple languages to educate, equip and demonstrate effective Hygiene Practices, Immune Boosting Techniques, Social Distancing Suggestions and methods for Self-Isolation if needed. (Placed within each hamper and communicated during distribution)
Hygiene & Nutrition Hampers
These hampers are provided to families to help enhance hygiene practices in communities. Each kit will contain a combination of hygiene items for prevention purposes and non-perishable food items to assist during home isolation, when this will inevitably occur.