“All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I had been eager to do all along.” – Galatians 2:10

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Section 18A Tax Certificates can be issued as and where required. For all financial contributions please use the reference: Covid19/Name. For full details on how these Hope Vouchers work, please Hope Vouchers – Funding Proposal 5.5.2020

Newsflash! Hope Vouchers – a digital way to reach the more vulnerable families in crisis

The KZN Disaster Response Team, is a network of faith-based organisations involved in Disaster Management and Response work. This team includes CityHope Disaster Relief, us The Domino Foundation, Nation Changers, South African Red Cross and Zoë Life. The group has coordinated on regional disasters over the past 3 years and have partnered once again during this COVID-19 Biological Disaster to provide relief aid in the province.

The response from churches, businesses, individuals, communities and partners has been incredible: responsive, agile and hugely generous allowing the KZN Response Team to provide relief in the form of Hope Hampers (food essentials, hygiene items, educational material in a 20l Covid-19 branded bucket in isiZulu. Each pack is filled with assistance to nourish and care for one family of 4 individuals for a period of 21 days), to vulnerable families across KZN. But disaster relief is intended to be short term and so we have partnered with churches across KZN who are part of the KZN Christian Council (KZNCC) convened KZN Covid-19: Churches Respond project as a long term rehabilitation partnership for improved well being.

The initial goal was to distribute 100,000 Relief Aid Hope Hampers at R350 per pack, but people are desperate, hungry, distribution is taking time and the needs are overwhelming, so we are delighted to offer Hope Vouchers at R410 per sms. It’s a digital voucher which can be sent to vulnerable households across the province, and redeemed at any Shoprite, Pick ‘n Pay, Usave, Checkers or Boxer store, in full or in part, to purchase food and other essential items.  Operational costs have been funded by a designated grant, and the service provider supplying the system at cost, this solution is extremely cost effective with 98% of funds going directly to the beneficiary (who receives a digital voucher for the amount of R400).

For provincial reach and relief aid impact, please see the Distribution Map and Household Counter below for the collective Relief Aid that commenced from 25.03.2020.


Number of Hampers/Households
Individuals Impacted
Meals provided


Number of Hampers/Households
Individuals Impacted


Number of SMS vouchers sent
Individuals Impacted

Increasing our care for people with integrity, humanity and accountability!

The KZN Covid-19: Churches Respond is convened by the KZN Christian Council and is a broad and inclusive coalition of Churches, Christian Associations, Ecumenical Networks and Ministers’ Fraternals committed to using our extensive footprint across the KwaZulu Natal Province to respond more effectively to the overall impact of Covid-19 on communities.

The broad strategy is made up of 5 areas:

  • Relief – KZN Disaster Response is leading the relief arm of this strategy
  • Communications
  • Care (Pastoral & Practical)
  • Advocacy around Social & Economic Vulnerability
  • Prayer and Theological Reflection

Please see www.covid19response.co.za for full details of the joint project #bettertogether


Even during a Biological Disaster/Pandemic, such as COVID-19, the four phases of Disaster Management still apply;

1. Mitigation, 2. Preparedness, 3. Response, 4. Recovery

In South Africa, we are currently in Phase 3: Response. We have cases on the ground, in wide-spread geographic areas and we are responding to the immediate needs. Governments plan to enforce social distancing to #FlattenTheCurve and reduce overloading our Health Care System can succeed if all individuals play their part.

Education Training
Distribution of Training material in multiple languages to educate, equip and demonstrate effective Hygiene Practices, Immune Boosting Techniques, Social Distancing Suggestions and methods for Self-Isolation if needed. (Placed within each hamper and communicated during distribution)

Hygiene & Nutrition Hampers
These hampers are provided to families to help enhance hygiene practices in communities. Each kit will contain a combination of hygiene items for prevention purposes and non-perishable food items.

Checkout the videos in the DRU/COVID-19 Pandemic playlist above and watch as our response unfolded as the relief effort continued.

Track our support progress

Green = Areas of households who have received hampers

Yellow = Satellite Homeless Shelters

Blue = Drive-through drop-off points for Donations