Donation Sense

The Domino Foundation depends on the generosity of its donors and benefactors and appreciates the open-handedness of all its friends and the community in general. While we will find a worthy home for most of what is given, there are some points which we think you would like to consider: If what you plan to donate is broken or in poor condition, the chances are that we may have to discard it as well. Please save us the time and check your items first. To have it repaired may well cost us money which could be used better elsewhere. If the items are beyond redemption, we will then also have the cost of transport to the landfill! We would also appreciate it if you would wash clothing you are donating…that would save us time and washing materials. (Shoes without ‘partners’ also pose a problem!) Getting rid of things and uncluttering your home is a great chance to help us. With The Domino Foundation’s experience of the people who are on the receiving end of our programmes, we know that the condition of what is given to them speaks volumes about how we respect and value them. Please be part of our vision to restore and nurture a sense of dignity in our beneficiaries.

Below is an extract from our donation policy:

Donated items will be inspected and distributed, at the discretion of The Domino Foundation, to the beneficiaries of our programmes, partner organisations and individuals in the communities we work with. Second hand items and donated goods that will not benefit our programmes will be placed in our swop shop where they will be purchased or swopped by beneficiaries. By donating items to The Domino Foundation you agree to the terms and condition in our donation policy.

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