“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.”
Proverbs 19:17

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B-BBEE Contributions

The Domino Foundation is optimally positioned within the latest B-BBEE codes, to provide maximum assistance for both QSE and generic enterprises. We have B-BBEE Certification for SED, ED and SKILLS DEVELOPMENT spend and already helping a number of businesses meet their BEE objectives.

MySchool Programme

Are you a MySchool user and is The Domino Foundation a beneficiary? Joining the MySchool Programme is 100% free and so is the support. By simply swiping your MySchool card when you shop at any Woolworths or participating outlet, The Domino Foundation receives funds at NO COST TO YOU!

Products and Services

Do you have or produce items that we utilize in our programmes on a monthly basis?

Our approach is simple

By leveraging over a decade long track record of community upliftment, we have developed specific and individualised solutions for businesses and individuals to actively engage in Social Change.

At The Domino Foundation we know that donations take many shapes and forms and depending on your capacity, available resources and spheres of influence that you’re in, your donation could truly mean the life-line for some of our programmes.

For practitioners seeking specific alignment with company CSI policies,or individuals who have a heart for a specific impact area, we have a variety of programmes across the spectrum that satisfy Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Investment goals.

We can provide:

Thank you letter
Section 18 A tax receipt
Documentation: reports, affidavits and records
Certification: We are certified for SED, ED and SKILLS DEVELOPMENT spend

Currently the #DominoEffect of changed lives changing lives, is continued through a number of donation opportunities: