ECD Effects 3rd Quarter 2015

Our children are the future of this country and we need to make every effort to ensure that they’re on the path to success. For the Domino Foundation that means caring for and cultivating future minds, bodies and hearts.

For the past three years the Sibaya Community Trust has funded the Domino Foundation’s Early Childhood Development Programme, helping to build a brighter future for the 16 crèches in the Amaoti community that they are invested in.

These children, plus children from another sixteen crèches that the Domino Foundation work into, receive a daily delicious meal prepared by the Domino Foundation Soup Kitchen. With nutritious food in their belly they can concentrate on absorbing information during playschool.

The ECD programme also includes upskilling the crèche owners, ensuring that the caretakers of such precious lives are equipped and happy. They receive regular training on everything from teaching, to hygiene and first aid to crucial business skills to help them turn their crèches into small businesses.

A big ECD dream for 2015 is match last year’s achievement of registering crèches with the South African government. Although a rather lengthy and complicated process it’s well worth the effort as once registered the crèches can receive grant money for each child. This helps the creches become somewhat self sufficient and a small business; one of the main pillars of the ECD programme.

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