ECD Effects May

With a vision to improve the quality of learning and preparation for school readiness our Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres benefit vulnerable children.

An exciting development has been the addition of a research and evaluation component to the feeding of our crèches. All of the children from our crèches receive highly nutritious JAM SA porridge and recently underwent a nutritional assessment by the NPO to assess whether they’re underweight or overweight. The assessment measured the weight, height and upper arm width and will help create a baseline assessment to compare from in six months time to see if there has been any improvement.

The 50 gram portion of JAM porridge provides children with 75% of their daily micro-nutrient requirements. The porridge, known as CSS+ (Corn Soya Sugar Blend) consists of 65% corn, 25% soya, 10% sugar and fortified with micro- and macro-nutrients.

Our ECD programme also partners with The Unlimited Child, an NPO that provides educational toys, training and on-going support to caregivers. Our crèche owners have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from their training with The Unlimited Child and NELRU and the changes have been seen in the classrooms. Children are no longer just sitting on the floor but engaging with their learning environment- painting, playing with play dough and playing with theme tables.

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