Feeding Effects 3rd Quarter 2015

The Domino Foundation dreams of a community that is full of life. To be able to do this we help fulfill the basic need of food – providing hearty meals to the vulnerable.

We feed a number of crèches, schools, churches, counselling centres, aftercare programmes and youth holiday clubs through our feeding programmes in the Amaoti community. The forty Sandwich Kitchen volunteers prepare around 4 740 nutritious sandwiches per week that are delivered to seven schools, the Boys & Girls Club, child headed households, local church outreaches & Amaoti youth meetings. In just the past five months our fully equipped industrial Soup Kitchen has prepared and delivered an incredible 8 200 meals of nutritious soup to 34 crèches in Amaoti. Our Relief Kitchen provides meals to families in crisis and our Vegetable Tunnels cultivate produce that is harvested and ploughed into either the soup kitchen or sold to the local community and corporates.

The Vegetable tunnels have welcomed a new face into the programme, Ross Eigenmann, as programme manager of the tunnels. His first few weeks have seen him clearing the site of general refuse to make space for the new gardens and tunnels. Ross is already looking at the future of the programme and searching for new possible sites to expand and negotiating with a food distributor to supply various restaurants and hotels in the future when our output is steady.

To continue to impact as many people as we can the Relief Kitchen is looking for key ingredients to pack their relief parcels. If you are able to donate these crucial items, let us know!

1 x 1kg of rice

1 x 2,5kg of maize

1 x 500g of sugar

1 x 100 bags of tea

4 x 410g of tinned baked beans

2 x 400g of soy mince

4 x 425g of tinned sardines

2 x 500g of salt

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