We at The Domino Foundation embrace the belief that there is power in a changed life. All our community transformation programmes aim to empower, uplift and transform lives.

Stirred to join in our activities

We are so delighted that you expressed interest in the The Domino Foundation and the resulting #DominoEffect and are so pleased that you have been stirred to join in our activities in the following ways:

Donor Options

We believe in mutually-beneficial relationships. A relationship is an ongoing partnership between two organisations or individuals working to a common goal. Whether you have signed a monthly debit order form, rallied your staff and schools for a fundraising drive, swiped your Myschool card or a financial contribution through your business – donations of any form have huge impact on the work we do!


It is a known fact that Volunteers add that “something special” to the work that we do and we would be totally lost without them. From pouring their hearts out and loving on the individual children to being powerful voices advocating our causes, volunteers are invaluable and are very much needed throughout our programmes. We’d be so pleased that you’d be stirred to join in our activities as a possible volunteer.

Join our Events

We are motivated to improve the quality of learning and preparation for school readiness at Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres for the benefit of vulnerable children. We do this through focused empowering of ECD centre owners and …