Hospital Help

The only in-house school at a hospital in KZN, King Dinuzulu Hospital Complex School, Asherville, provides education for children hospitalised for tuberculosis, spinal problems and orthopaedic-related sickness. Some of these children spend as long as 18 months at the hospital, often without ever having family visit them. The Domino Foundation’s Feeding programme supplies sandwiches to the school. Teacher, Mr Sandesh Ramnagar, has a special empathy with the children as he himself is undergoing intensive treatment for multidrug resistant TB (MDR-TB). He and the Principal, Vani Singh, agree that the Feeding programmes supply of sandwiches helps significantly in putting vital nutrients and vitamins into the children’s diet.

King Dinizulu Hospital Complex School is one of 71 establishments that receive a nutritious meal from The Domino Foundation’s Feeding Programme. Our vision is to feed the hungry in their most desperate time of need. As the number of volunteers and donors grow, we move closer to realising our dream of communities where no child is too hungry to concentrate and learn.

To fulfil our vision and our specific Christian mandate, we feed those in our community who are going hungry through a crisis or circumstances beyond their control. In doing so, we enhance learning through meeting children’s physical need for health and balanced nutrition. We support crèches, schools, churches, counselling centres, aftercare programmes, and youth holiday clubs in this enterprise. We look to create opportunities for volunteers to feed the hungry in poorly resourced communities. Our activities include but are not limited to:

  • the Crèche Feeding Project which provides nutritious meals to children at crèches every week day, which has proved to encourage attendance and achieve developmental milestones
  • the School Sandwich Project through which sandwiches are delivered to school children who would otherwise have no lunch, providing ‘food for thought’. Schools identify children who need feeding and distribute sandwiches delivered by Domino Feeding programme
  • food parcels for families in crisis who are identified by local schools in the Durban North community and the Door of Hope Counselling Centre. The majority of these families are either households where breadwinners have been retrenched or where single mothers are battling to provide for the children. Food parcels are put together and discreetly distributed to these families as needed
  • monitoring and evaluation to ensure that our programmes remain relevant and effective evaluate and monitor for consistent impact.

Certain items are essential for the Feeding Programme to keep functioning effectively. We gratefully receive donations of any of the items on the following list:

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