#KnowYourNPO #RedLight

How much do you really know about The Domino Foundation?

Over the past few months our #KnowYourNPO campaign has been examining each of The Domino Foundation’s seven community transformation programmes. Over 3 weeks, we take some time to focus on exactly (1) WHAT the programme is, (2) WHY we do it and show you (3) HOW the programme is implemented. We also share some exciting ways for you to engage with and throw your weight behind these initiatives to multiply the good work we are doing. Our aim of this campaign is to share with the world the work we are involved in and hope that individuals gain a greater understanding and the ‘bigger picture’ of the expansive work we do. (No – we don’t ONLY manage abandoned babies homes – WE DO SO MUCH MORE!)

The month of October is an important period on the Human Trafficking calendar. We as a country celebrated Human Trafficking Awareness week between 03 October – 07 October and we as The Domino Foundation took up the fight and joined forces with Red Light Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative to form a new programme under The Domino Foundation. So this month, our #KnowYourNPO campaign will focus on The Domino Foundation Red Light Programme and shed some light on WHAT it is, WHY we do it, HOW we do it and WAYS for you TO SUPPORT it! #KnowYourNPO #RedLight


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