Legacy Role Players

From our inception in 2004 as Indlela we thought it would be helpful to have a “family tree” of the all those who have laid the foundations, taken the baton and run the race to bring life and hope to those we are called to serve

The Fairhavens Babies home for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) was birthed by Jenni Wallace then led and loved by Melanie Turner, then Sandy Hamblin and is now in the capable hands of Crisis Mother Precious Thabete.

Early Childhood Development (ages new born – 6 years old) was began with Yvonne Haviland, then Toni Wilkins with Gavin Simpkins advising, Slie Ndimande and is now led by Zanele Nzimakwe.

The Literacy Programme for Foundation Phase (Grade 1 – 3) was introduced by Rachel Bowyer and is now overseen by Leigh-Ann Stevens.

Life Skills Programme (from Grade 4 – Matric) was built by Toni Wilkins and continues to be championed by Leigh-Ann Stevens.

The Counselling Centre – was also started by Toni Wilkins.

Skills Development (Tertiary Education and Enterprise Development) was managed by Brad & Taryn King, and is now facilitated by The Domino Foundation CEO, Shaun Tait

Nutrition Programme (formerly known as Feeding) was established Joan Smith then managed by Simon Cordial to Yvonne Haviland, to Sheila Simpkins, then Brenda Scheepers and is now led by Cathy Whittle (North Durban) & Cheryl Dann (South Durban)

Red Light Anti Human Trafficking (Vulnerable Women at Risk) was founded by Natalie Ogden, then managed by Lauren Cullen and is now led by Esther Madikane & Gugu Mazwele

The Disaster Response Unit started in 2016 and is also led by Cathy Whittle

Other key roles played by people on a part time basis over the years:

Deputy Chairman – Danny du Plessis, Simon Cordial, Laurence Stevens and Lance Turner

The legacy of the Domino Leadership has been steered by

2004 – 2013 CEO and Chairman Mickey Wilkins

2014 – 2018 CEO and Chairman Richard Mun-Gavin

2014 – 2020 Treasurer and CFO, our dearly beloved Mannie Chettiar

2019 – Current CEO is Shaun Tait and Richard Mun-Gavin remains Chairman of the Board alongside Board Members who include Mickey Wilkins, Shaun Tait, Michele Gorrie, Robert Nthuli, Michael Mun-Gavin and Michael Ferreria.

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