Let it B-BBEE a simple and professional process for you!

We believe our B-BBEE unique service offering as an NPO, is our commitment to professionalism through the process.

Over the years we have put concerted effort into:
1. understanding and staying in sync with the B-BBEE codes and point requirements
2. forging strong relationships with our donors, partners and B-BBEE consultants which
3. has allowed us to align the donor funding to their corporate social investment and community development initiatives.
4. the core benefit being that Domino has a variety of programme offerings/interventions within the beneficiary life cycle from 

  • Education
  • Social Justice
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Economic Development
  • Nutrition

5. From a systems perspective we are able to channel resources, products, in kind donations and finances
6. and all our initiatives build towards achieving some of the Global Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the National Development Plan

So please contact our Donor Relations consultants, Tarin StevensonElaine Chetty or Navin Bahadur or call the office on 031 563 9605 today, so we can help you!

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