Life Skills 3rd Quarter 2015

“I am special, unique and irreplaceable”

These are the words that the Life Skills team continually use to remind their young and impressionable learners that they are unique, special and of value to themselves and others.

So it is with great joy that we report on a story from one of our youth workers in the Amaoti community. One of their learners has been so shaped by the weekly life skills lessons that after every lesson she teaches her little sister about what she has learnt in class. Over and above this she has made a greeting with her sister that they use before and after school every day… “I am special, unique and irreplaceable”. We are so happy to hear that this little girl has taken the message of how valuable she is to heart and thinks it’s so important that it’s worth sharing.

The primary school kids learnt about their inherent value right in the beginning of the four-year HIV/AIDS prevention programme. Initial lessons are geared around “who am I”, what’s special about me and reinforce that they are unique. This will hopefully translate into healthy relationships based on respect, accountability and honour.

Another aspect of the Life Skills Programme is the Boys and Girls Club where fun sports and recreational options are offered to learners at schools to reduce risky behaviour caused through boredom. The Boys Club had a fun and eventful term with the second annual Vopak soccer day. Vopak are passionate about education and have come alongside the Boys club to support them with the running of the after school activity. The fun soccer day organised at Northwood Boys High School was a hit and not only did they have a blast learning soccer skills from a professional coach but all left with their very own pair of soccer boots. 


Some of the Life Skills learners particpated in a fun Key Motorshow day where they had to build a wire car modelled from on the the Key Brands.  A big thank you to Key- a lot of fun was had by all!

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