Life Skills Effects June/July 2015

Life Skills

Feeling refreshed after the small holiday break, the Life Skill teachers are back in their classrooms and doing what they do best- teaching learners the skills to make wise life choices.

Term 3 once again sees classes aimed at learning new knowledge with two medical students recently spending their time educating life skills learners from Amaoti 3 about the hot topics of adolescent and dating. Learners loved the talks, soaking in all the valuable information offered up by the medical students. The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation also visited the life skills lessons, teaching water safety, awareness of dangerous water sources like rivers and dams and safety skills in the water. Lastly, with the help of Vopak tutors a group of Grade 12 learners were afforded the chance to practice their maths and science knowledge.

Nonti and Sifiso also had some time expanding their knowledge base at the Soul Action I matter Conference. Domino’s very own Head of the Early Childhhod Development Programme and Door of Hope Counsellor, Toni Wilkins, delivered a talk on working with troubled children. The Life Skills teachers found this talk exceptionally valuable for their own lessons as the children in their classes often come from troubled homes, a result of the struggling economic township they live in.

A big thank you to the Swedish volunteers who handed out goodie bags to the Girl’s Club and the donations of Go Play food supplements from Daryl Scott from Team Player Trading. Other donations included 200 lunchboxes from Unilver and food parcels that were distributed to families in need identified by the student social workers.

On another note, Domino Foundation’s resident Home Affairs whizz, Judy Carter, has been seriously busy these past months helping Amaoti community members locate important documentation. Here are some stories from out in the field….

“June was a busy month and we managed to get a number of both birth certificates and ID cards. We have also applied for another three Late Registrations of Birth (for people over 15). This long process takes time and although dealt with at the local Home Affairs Department it appears that Pretoria have put these applications in the “to be dealt with later” file and they’re concentrating on the new Smart ID Cards of which they’re hundreds of applicants.

We are still experiencing difficulties between the requirements of Home Affairs and the delivery by Social Workers for Court Orders. We have a number of children who have been abandoned and are either living with a relative or neighbour and these cases are proving to be very difficult to resolve.

I have one child Thabang Ngcobo who lives with his “gogo”. I managed to get him into Grade 8 at Trenance Manor with a letter from the Social Workers as he didn’t have an ID. I have taken them to Social Workers and then Home Affairs. During the conversation with the Supervisor Mr. Nxumalo there appeared to be some things which didn’t sound right so after some investigating I obtained an aunt’s phone number. I contacted her and she’s in the Eastern Cape. She said Thabang does have a birth certificate under his father’s name and his maternal grandmother took him to Amaoti and she has given him her name. It turns out that his paternal grandmother registered him as her mother as his biological mother was deceased. So I got her ID number checked on Home Affairs computer and found his ID number and got a copy of the birth certificate. I had to go to the school to change their records. Thabang was so excited when I gave him his certificate, apparently there is a bit of a feud between the families. Anyhow I have now arranged to get an affidavit from the aunt in the Eastern Cape giving authority for the “gran” in Amaoti to collect the foster grant. She is being most helpful.”

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