Life Skills Programme Update – 2nd Quarter

Working into four schools in the Amaoti area, the Life Skills programme continues to develop and refine the team’s  teaching of the lessons and training in  the upgrades of the curriculum. One-on-one counselling and learner support is growing into an increasingly important part of what some of the team are undertaking.

Life Skills update 2

In collaboration with various local and international groups and individuals, the programme has helped facilitate the starting of ongoing projects like Project TEN’s Youth Movement in Amaoti, drama workshops, maths and science tutoring by 1st year medical students and a very successful soccer day run by Love Church and Sharks Soccer for Grade 4 pupils at Amaoti 3 Primary.


One of the people partnering with the Life Skills programme is Tebogo Petlele, founder of “Seponono Africa”, an Afrocentric brand that showcases the beauty of Africa through headwraps, African accessories and clothes.  Motivated by her self-discovery journey of wearing a headwrap for a year, Tebogo, has created a platformLife Skills Upadte 1 for women to celebrate life and their individuality. Tebogo engaged with Grade 4 learners at Amaoti 3 Primary School recently when she encouraged them to appreciate their external and, more importantly inward, beauty. (‘Seponono’ is a Tswana word describing a woman’s beauty). She spent time at the school as part of The Domino Foundation’s Life Skills programme, encouraging the pupils to value who they are as young black women. Women are encouraged to wear them as declarations of who they are and of their purpose in life.


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