Life Skills update – Fourth Quarter

During the fourth quarter, 97 Life Skills lessons were taught. Teaching time of Grade 7 Life Orientation has been reduced by half and so the programme is investigating how best to fit the Life Skills curriculum with CAPS.

“Edge” are in the process of training two facilitators from the Amaoti community to assist with after-school sport in 2018 and staff-development at Ekuthuleni is being discussed.

A decision was made with CAF (Charities Aid Foundation Southern Africa) that the Life Skills  team would manage the repair of the counselling hut at Susan Ngcobo School. This was completed and a handover with Shell took place on 10th November.

A meeting was held at iNhlonipho to discuss Life Skills assisting with leadership-development of prefects.  After-school activities at the primary school, specifically leadership development at iNhlonipho,  are being considered.

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