Raising little readers …

Even the Corona Virus could not lock us out from trying to teach English phonetic sounds and letter recognition to our 324 little beneficiaries at Ekutheleni Primary School in Besters.

Our primary COVID goal was – To create online teaching resources that Grade 2 learners could use to practice and as revision exercises.

And how did we achieve this?

We created a series of Whatsapp videos and uploaded them to our Domino You Tube channel and then communicated with the school to access the contact details of the parents/caregivers as we wanted to ensure that every child had an opportunity to access the resources created on the internet.

What was challenging?

  • mobile data is exorbitantly expensive so not easy for all parents/caregivers to access the resources online, we wanted to ensure that every child had an opportunity to access the resources created on the internet.
  • increase in job losses and the pre-existing high unemployment rate in this community
  • not being able to get hold of children as soon as lockdown level 5 happened
  • learners not receiving their daily meals impacted on household food budgets and resources

However obstacles always represent opportunities!

We would like to create a Zero Rated Website to enable learners and their families to access the tools, resources and learning channels without needing data so that literacy and collective family learning can take place at any time whether at school, home or in the community.

Leigh-Anne Stevens, Literacy Team Leader said” One of my big learnings has been that we need to know more about our beneficiaries so that in times of crisis we can communicate more efficiently and respond more effectively”

This is Leigh-Ann Stevens

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Do you know Telecomms/IT/Web Guru people?

We are earnestly looking for a partner to develop and sponsor a Zero Rated Website for easy access to online educational programme content to the learners and their families for improved learning and literacy.  We could even extend this and work with our Zulu foundation teachers to create literacy resources in the learner’s mother tongue.  How exciting that would be!

Please connect them to our Donor Relations Team Karen Brokensha or Tarin Stevenson