Mighty minds!

How do you keep engaging with owners and principals of Creches, Day Cares and Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centres when they have a government mandate to be closed and you can’t go and see them?

You use what you have in your hands … your cellphone, your landline, Whatsapp and your computer. And then ask them how you can help them navigate the pandemic with 3 key goals in mind:

  1. To provide safest and best hygiene protocols for school and learner readiness
  2. To ensure that effective active learning can still take place
  3. To continue working on the Teacher guide to empower and educate their ECD practitioners

Activities from April – September 2020

– we have been creating and sending COVID readiness video’s using themes and our ECD teams

– we continue to enhance and stimulate children holistically, from start of the Morning Ring as Theme Discussion, Second Ring with Music and Movement and Third Ring as Story Time for all learners and encourage their parents/caregivers can do this with them too at home

– we have conducted numerous workshops on Covid-19 Healthy Guidelines for school re-opening, and provided ECD centres with the age appropriate posters from The Department of Social Development for each centre to have in their classrooms.

– The ECD team is still working on developing the teacher guide that will assist the staff to further assist the learners to achieve their milestones year on year

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