Tropical cyclone Dineo lashed Mocambique in mid-February 2017 with 180kph winds and torrential rain. This resulted in severe flooding and general devastation in the country’s Inhambane Province.

This immediately prompted a group of 25 from The Domino Foundation and Glenridge Church, together with a contingent from Pretoria-based 3ci Church, to respond to need desperate of the local communities. Laden with donated relief foodstuffs, clothing and blankets, chainsaws and other tools to clear blocked roads, the party spent 3 days in Maxixe and then a further 2 days in Tofu. They heard from the local community leaders what the needs were and how the South Africans could respond.

When those most affected by Dineo’s destruction came together, a qualified nurse on the team attended to basic health needs, items were distributed, traumatised people were prayed with and an assessment of how further help could be given was made. The roof of one school had been ripped off by the storm and plans for replacing it are underway. Cathy Whittle, leader of The Domino Foundation’s Feeding programme, said that, in this age of social media, we so often lose perspective: “…but to look another human being in the eye, particularly one who has lost everything, restores reality to the way we see the world around us…it was very humbling”. The whole outreach was made possible through the wholehearted response to the crisis by so many, amongst whom were Northwood Boys High School with their donation of porridge, Angus Buchan’s Shalom Ministries who gave maize, Pailpack with their 300 buckets of food items, Container Ministries’ dried and frozen vegetables and Food Forward’s donation of non-perishables.