Mickey Wilkins of Domino Business was Guest of Honour at the 2017 Annual Speech Day at George Campbell School of Technology in Durban.  The school offers a specialised academic education in which learners follow a technologically-based course which can lead to admission to a university, a university of technology, FET colleges or any other form of post-school training, with particular emphasis on Civil Technology, Electrical Technology and Mechanical Technology.

After Mickey’s address, The Domino Foundation was approached by an Old Boy of the school, Jose Martin, who had been impressed by what had been shared about the Foundation’s activities and was wanting to sponsor a Grade 11/12 pupil through their high school studies. His long term aim would be to see the student through his or her tertiary studies or post school learnership with the potential of absorbing the student into his manufacturing company on successful completion of the degree or course. His dream is to see this grow into a long-term solution to the challenge of training up skilled men and women in technological spheres and integrating them into the nation’s workforce. Dreaming big, he stated, “I would like to give every George Campbell student a bursary!”

Jose has put out the challenge to other George Campbell Old Boys to follow suit and rally to the cause of supporting up-and-coming students with potential by partnering with The Domino Foundation’s Skills Development Programme. The programme’s vision is to create a platform through education to empower and equip disadvantaged individuals to reach their full potential and Brad King, the programme’s leader sees this move by Jose as an excellent opportunity to empower young people at George Campbell to achieve an education in their chosen field: “In addition to providing access to funding for tertiary qualifications like this from VRM Manufacturing, Skills Development supports and students through a mentorship programme to ensure they have the confidence, knowledge and tools required to seek employment.” A senior student at George Campbell has been identified and since the start of 2018 has been supported in his studies by VRM Manufacturing. As a skills development facilitator, The Domino Foundation is delighted to be part of a new initiative like this and is well-placed to assist with BBB-EE documents and points for businesses engaging in positive action to bring about nation Transformation.

Mickey Wilkins was enthusiastic when he said, “If this initiative gains momentum, it has the potential to significantly increase the capacity and skills available to Ethekwini’s manufacturing sector and the economic development of the metropole will be dramatically impacted.”

Anyone interested in taking up Jose’s bursary challenge or needing assistance with Skills Development points can contact Tarin Stevenson (

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