Nutrition in North Durban

Our primary goal is to ‘nourish the hungry learners in our partnering schools, churches and crèches and supplement nutritional well-being of learners where the government are not/unable to feed vulnerable children!’

Main mission

  1. Provide nutrition with measurable metrics in schools;
  2. Mobilise the churches to support our food/relief efforts with compassion, prayer and care;
  3. Educate beneficiaries on the health risks of Covid-19;
  4. Distribute nutritional and sustainable food hampers in collaboration with KZN Council of Churches and their LEANS, to vulnerable families in need to reduce hunger and alleviate the chaos in the crisis to create hope, whilst the government channels found their feet to respond.


  1. Continued with our sandwich feeding in primary schools as well as JAM porridge and Soup making/deliveries from the Brookdale kitchen, to the Amaoti, Mzinyathi, Waterloo and CBD.
  2. Continued measuring and weighing each child, trained crèche owners on nutrition and continued the huge task of assessing each crèche; facility, meal plan, programme and cooking facilities, with a view to assist with an action plan for the next 2 years.
  3. As COVID became a stark reality for all, we presented a strategy to the KZN Council of Churches on a way for the church to get involved and activated into smaller clusters, working in team to identify the most vulnerable and to assist with discrete distribution.
  4. Facilitated COVID training workshops with all our staff and crèches, before initial lockdown took place.
  5. Mobilized the Domino/Anthem property into a pack station and distribution hub and converted the Vox Coal offices into a JOCC (Joint Operations Command Centre).


  1. Space to store and collect food. As the enormity of the pandemic became apparent, Anthem Church Leadership was agile and generous giving the Domino Nutrition and Disaster Response Team permission to use the property as a Disaster Response Hub. We used the Church Auditorium, Coffee Shop, Training Rooms, Kitchens, Car Park and every other available floor space to store, pack and stack food and non-perishable food items.
  • Manpower. The hard lockdown resulted in a desperate shortage of staff as the team were mandated to remain at home. Core team of Cathy Whittle (Programme Leader), Shaun Tait (CEO), Mdu Vato and Alfred Madikizela (Drivers) created a formidable Disaster Response Team in addition to a small group of 10 local university students, who volunteered their brawn and energy to help pack 1,000s of buckets, working late into the nights assisting with distribution and logistics. In addition, Lindo Khoza of Lindbong Community Development joined the team as a Community Facilitator on the ground, negotiating and facilitating the distribution of food hampers with school leaders, local chiefs and ward councilors.
  • Security. Large amounts of food needed to be delivered after hours in the dark, to ensure the safety of the teams and community recipients.
  • Lack of heaving duty/pallet lifting/transport equipment. As the demand for food security grew so the need for quantities was super-sized (yes think Super-Link Trucks11), without an in house pallet jack and fork lift – unpacking donations was a back breaking and challenging. Big thanks to Fresh Flava for sponsoring a forklift for our massive Solidarity Fund delivery.

This is Cathy Whittle who heads up Nutrition in North Durban

Opportunities to stay engaged … Feast or Famine for the future?

Hungry to help?

Thank you that is amazing, please liaise with with our Donor Relations Team Karen Brokensha or Tarin Stevenson to help nourish for good! You can also call them on 031 563 9605