Bracelet – Heart


  • This is a single heart brooch.
  • This fashion accessory is  made in medium and large sizes.
  • This item is made from the bark of the fever tree.


Single heart bracelet. This fashion accessory with a large size heart, is made from the bark of the fever tree (Vachellia xanthophloea), would add a subtle touch of Africa to any outfit.


Hand made by Trafficked survivors and Woman at risk.

” Thuli’s story “

“For us to be able to eat, our mother would beg the neighbours to allow her work for them in exchange for food,” said Thuli. On top of this, the children were physically abused by both their father and grandmother.

Fear and poverty marked Thuli’s life,as she  was drawn into a dark and dangerous world.

In 2013, Thuli first encountered the team from Red Light who are helping her to restore her life, step by step. When recently she was almost killed by a violent client, Thuli realized that leaving the sex trade was literally a matter of life or death.

Red Light has helped her improve her computer skills, learn to make jewelry and to crochet and hopes to do an industrial sewing course to enable her to get a factory job.

Thuli is supporting her children by taking whatever work she can and, through partners of Red Light, she does contractual work. She makes heart-shaped jewelry from fever tree bark which is sold on her behalf by Red Light.

Life is hard for this young woman but her days in the sex industry are behind her. With the skills she has acquired and a knowledge of how to budget, Thuli is committed to bettering herself and creating a new life for herself and her family.