Necklace – Heart (Neutral)


  • Single large-heart necklace
  • This piece is crafted in the pale reddish brown bark from the fever tree.
  • Middle screw.
  • with brown twine.


Single large-heart necklace. This piece is crafted in the pale reddish brown bark from the fever tree(Vachellia xanthophloea) and brown twine.

Hand made by Trafficked survivors and Woman at risk.

“Hope’s Story”

When Hope fell pregnant out of wedlock, her mother was furious. “My mother was very ashamed and treated me even worse than before,” said Hope. “My boyfriend left me and I had to take care of my baby alone”.Hope met a woman who encouraged her to go to Durban where she said there was lots of work

When they got into the city, Hope’s friend took her to the notorious Point Road, the heart of Durban’s red light district. “She told me to sit on the side of the street and wait,” recalled Hope. “After a short time she came back with money. Then a man came and she told me to go with him. I did so and we had sex around the corner. When I came back, she paid me.” (This became hopes life).

(in 2013)

Lifeline who was then assisting Hope with skill development referred Hope to Red Light Anti-Human-Trafficking initiative for long-term assistance in their restoration programme.  “Red Light changed my life in so many ways,” said Hope. “They helped me financially and gave me clothes for my children. They taught crocheting, jewellery-making, sewing and knitting. They have counselled me and encouraged me and they helped me in my relationship with God.”

“Life is not easy but I now know that, even when we feel lost, God always sees us and cares for us,” said Hope with a smile.