“The heavens are the heavens of the Lord. But the earth He has given to the sons of men.” – Psalm 115:26


Our vision is to uplift the communities living in informal settlements through using recyclable goods as a means of exchange for basic necessities. As an empowerment initiative, we give communities the opportunity to help themselves and so help break the mentality of hopelessness.

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By offering a hand-up rather than a hand-out, we hope to encourage the healthy principles of responsibility and ownership. The programme aims to break the mentality of hopelessness by igniting the belief that individuals can add value to their families, schools and the greater community. We want to instill an understanding of recycling and caring for the environment. In the process, we desire to beautify the area, reduce the chance of disease, provide safe areas of play and inspire a sense of pride and care for the community. The Domino Foundation Recycle Swop Shop’s activities include:

  • the Swop Shops. The Domino Foundation Swop Shops operate once a week at different locations across the province. In exchange for tokens, community members bring bags of recyclable waste (paper, tin and plastic) collected from around the informal settlement. The tokens are used to ‘purchase’ essential personal and household items (clothes, food and school resources) from the shops.
  • recycling. Recyclable material is weighed, bundled and sold to organisations that recycle the raw materials. This reduces the community’s carbon footprint and waste products and combats pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • education. At the core of our activities is the desire to educate the population on the importance of environmental conservation. Through activation workshops at schools, we educate on environmental awareness, the recycling process and importance of reducing waste and conserving natural resources.
  • research and evaluation. In order to ensure that the programme remains relevant and effective, we evaluate and monitor the programme for consistent impact.

Programme Scope

The Domino Foundation’s Swop Shops reach the Western Cape communities based in the informal settlements of Du Noon, Wesbank and Phillipi. Both children and adults benefit from this initiative that allows people to provide for themselves and their families through their own efforts.

Opportunities for Involvement

The Domino Foundation Recycle Swop Shop Programme is dependent on both corporate and individual financial donors, on non-financial donors and on volunteers.

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