Red Light update -Fourth Quarter

Production of the “Create Freedom” Jewellery has been handed over to Nicky Pebbles and Pears and an online store is being developed. A monthly sales target has been set at R5000 and is being exceeded.

The establishment of a referral system network between potential future partners and the Domino Red Light Programme is progressing with meetings having been held with: Life Line, who empower ladies-of-the-night through HIV care and skills development; Hope Anchor which ministers to the ladies on the street on the South Beach area; Harambee which enables youth employment through career guidance, work experience and job placement. Relationships are now in place and potential candidates or beneficiaries can now be referred to these partners.

The quarter has seen progress made with the on-going exercise to update all documents all of which will be finalized in the next year.

Red-light has been involved in four events (a women’s event, a school presentation, a market and corporate staff impact day) during this quarter at which jewellery was sold, information disseminated and interaction with attendees achieved.

The beneficiary doing Vocational Training has adapted to the work environment well and is earning a sustainable living wage and gaining good work experience.

Forward-planning has been done on developing programmes, activities and sessions; sourcing partners with whom the Programme can collaborate on vocational training, career guidance/job readiness and job placement and on educational development. Reliable volunteers are needed for drafting of document, developing an online resource library for referrals and for internal skills-training/courses. Professionals who can assist with health needs of the programme’s beneficiaries are needed.

A permanent space for use as the Red Light Programme’s Drop-in Centre to provide a safe and confidential environment for the beneficiaries is needed.


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