Response to Weekend Shoot-Out

This morning’s article in the Mercury (link: ) makes us aware of the reality that the community of Amaoti, face each and everyday.

Speaking to our youth workers, they explained to us, their side of the story, of the events that unfolded this weekend.

Late on Friday night, a neighbour of one of our Youth Workers, was gunned down and robed outside his home. The group of criminals then went to a tavern and held the store up at gun point. Obviously an altercation occurred which lead to the group killing the workers and stealing alcohol and money, before fleeing the scene. On Saturday, the police arrived and tracked down the group of criminals to a place were they were staying in Inanda. When the police arrived, the group opened fire and the cops retaliated by returning shots to defend themselves. A massive shoot-out proceeded, leaving the 7 criminals dead.

The community’s response?

For months now, the same group of criminals have been causing chaos in and around Amaoti, robbing and mugging community members, leaving them scared and fearing for their lives. Friday and Saturdays events proved that the criminals were a danger to the rest of the Amaoti community. Justice needed to be served, but unfortunately the group was killed in the process. Although the desired outcome was not achieved peacefully, the community are happy that the group is no longer terrorising the area.

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    mickey wilkins says

    I discussed the matter of this gang with community members over a month ago and their comments were that this gang would only be stopped with bullets or through radically transformed lives through surrendering their pasts and lives to Jesus Christ. Whilst its a pity its the former at least the community will sleep easier. It is a harsh reality of the community we serve and the future in this country that we wish to change.

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