Spread the festive joy by filling up Domino Foundation Stockings!

This Christmas, we need YOU to help us spread the festive joy by filling up Domino Foundation Stockings!

Purchase a reusable Domino gift bag, fill it to the brim with Christmas goodies and drop off at The Domino Foundation.  We work with 32 crèches on our ECD programme and benefit over 1000 vulnerable children in the Amaoti community on a daily basis. Individuals, work-teams and social clubs are encouraged to get involved and spend a few minutes giving back this festive season.


  1. View the list of crèches online (here) and select which establishment you are wanting to adopt.
  2. Purchase a custom made Domino Gift bag for R20 for each child. These draw-string bags will be reused as a carry bag for crèche children next year.
  3. Your stocking will have the crèche name, age of learner and a list of items needed for that age group. Simply fill the bags with life-saving food stuffs valuing R80. Feel free to add in any extra treats to help make these holidays special!
  4. Drop off your overflowing stocking at The Domino Foundation offices by 18 November to make sure your gifts make it into Santa’s sleigh before the crèches close.


You’ll notice that the majority of the contents in the Christmas stockings are non-perishable food items. Our heart around our Christmas drive is to ensure we are supporting vulnerable individuals in the most effective manner. Although Christmas presents and parties are incredibly generous initiatives, we feel they do not provide sustained nutritional support throughout this festive period. As government feeding programmes close over school holidays, the reality is that numerous children go weeks without meals between academic terms.

Our ECD programme has partnered with the feeding kitchen to ensure that the vulnerable children in each crèche are receiving nourishment over the festive period. In each stocking, in addition to the listed items, The Domino Foundation will place Stop Hunger Now food packs, as well as JAM SA porridge which provide all nutrients for daily recommended requirements.

We will be delivering these Christmas goodies during the last week of November and first week of December, before the crèches close for the term. Photos of delivery will be captured and uploaded to our Facebook page.

If you are wanting to get involved, please contact our volunteer manager Amber on or alternatively call the office on 031 563 9605.


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