Stories from the nursery: 4th Quarter 2016

We count it a privilege to be able to care for abandoned children, if only for a short time, so that they can find their forever home. We provide a loving, family environment whilst aiming for excellent standards in health, hygiene and nutrition. Throughout 2016, we have cared for 15 children between the ages of zero and six years old (the youngest being a mere seven hours old!). Nine children were placed in our care and six babies were adopted into their ‘forever homes’ this year.

This past quarter has seen one adoption – a beautiful little seven-year-old girl who has found a home with a Durban family. She is very excited to go shopping for her new school uniform and to experience Christmas with her new family, both wonderful gifts.

This past year has been a massive year for maintenance. Two geysers, the washing machines and the tumble dryer have broken (at a big cost). We’re hoping to source funding to cover the running costs of the two homes. In saying that, we’re desperately on the lookout for willing handymen! Running a Babies Home also means running a property so if you have the skills and know how to help us with household ‘odd jobs’ that always pop up.

Recently we’ve witnessed firsthand how the community sees Domino as a safe place. A woman in crisis approached the home wanting to give up her baby after finding Domino online. We were able to counsel and assist her with the correct welfare process. We in no way encourage the abandonment of babies but are happy to know that if community members are facing a crisis, they’re able to seek help in us.

We’ve also seen how the community see us an information hub. We often receive phone calls about the adoption process and so we’re able to field questions and redirect potential adoptive parents in the right direction.

Looking to 2017 we would love to connect more with local homes and as well as continue to build and deepen relationships with welfare and other local adoption and childrens’ rights bodies. We would also love to see Domino play a more proactive role within our area of expertise and deal with the roots of abandonment. We love housing and caring for children but our dream is to get to a point where homes are no longer needed.

Our hearts are bursting with gratitude for everyone donor, volunteer and community member who has loved our children and blessed the homes. We hope to see you all in 2017!


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