Anele Chita, Grow ECD’s Community Development Co-ordinator in the Durban metropolitan area, hit the new school year strongly with a two-day Train the Trainers workshop with The Domino Foundation’s Early Childhood Development Programme’s Team Leader, Zanele Nzimande and her field workers.

“We equip ECD businesses and organisations with the skills, support and resources to provide 5-star early learning for every child in their care,” he explained. The workshop provided ongoing training in proficiency in the GROW app which has revolutionised the 64 ECD centres partnering with Domino since the app was rolled out in the centres last year. Domino’s Education Co-ordinator, Nicky Walton, described the progress since then: “The app has streamlined the way education happens in these centres, gearing them up significantly on their journey from being merely child-care centres to being effective small businesses where critical preparation for school readiness is the order of the day.” The app is used for daily updating of registers, for its resource centre and library, and a variety of ways of stimulating pupils more effectively as pre-schoolers in preparation for school-readiness.

The multi-purpose app provides paperless administration and enables owners to improve their centres as small businesses, facilitating finance management, parent communication, teacher competency and pupil assessments.

Joining the field workers was Mdu Vato, Domino’s Nutrition Programme Supervisor, who took part because the  ECD owners’ progress in using the app is monitored for their centres to qualify to receive high protein porridge and soup for their pupils’ lunches. He explained: “We are very aware of how good nutrition helps children avoid stunting, wasting and obesity as well as being ‘food for thought’, aiding brain development, concentration in class and effective learning all round.”

At the end of the workshop, Zanele commented: “Evidence shows attendance at pre-school establishes good foundational learning skills which will generally see pupils going further and finishing their school careers well. The GROW app is significantly impacting these centres and we expect to see them attaining increasingly high standards in business and academic achievement.”

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Caption: Domino’s Zanele Nzimande and GROW ECD’s Anele Chita at the Train the Trainer Workshop held at the Domino Offices #fromCradletoCareer #jointheDominoEffect

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