“Both hats fit and they complement each other,” said Karen Brokensha of her twin roles at The Domino Foundation. The sunhat shadows her role as Marketing “Chief Storyteller” as she oversees the brand narrative of the NPO’s seven programmes. Whilst donning the cap as Donor Relations she ensures all their donors are kept informed as to how their funds are making an impact and nurturing those relationships. “In both cases, I am responsible for the various elements so that friends and supporters feel confident and inspired by their parts in what we affectionately refer to as the Domino Effect!

Much as Karen is tasked with sharing the wonderful stories of partnerships between Domino and the big corporates and business, she is intimately aware of the significance of the smaller consistent donations and one-off gifts that reflect the generous hearts of individuals in  community as a whole. “The parable of the widow giving her two mites speaks of a spirit of radical generosity and faithfulness to invest in what God has asked each one of us to do”

Karen described two easy methods for people to pledge their support of Domino’s Cradle to Career work – from the abandoned babies, survivors of human-trafficking, learners needing a high-protein meals in their school day to pre-adolescent youth being mentored to make good lifestyle-decisions, and whole families that have been impacted by the effects of natural and man-made disasters.

“You can sign up as a Direct Debit Donor donating R250 as a monthly contribution (or make a once off Christmas Credit Card donation). Alternatively, subscribe The Domino Foundation as one of your beneficiaries on your MySchool card so that each time you swipe at a local retail partner, we gain a small benefit. Many people know about this incredible My Village initiative but don’t realise you can nominate up to three beneficiaries on each card. That means, even if they are already supporting their children’s schools, they could easily add Domino as a third beneficiary.”

Karen encouraged learners and families to claim their own double portion of blessing by investing in the work of the foundation to make a meaningful difference ahead of the festive season and into 2024! Donate link on www.domino.org.za or contact Karen on 031 110 0730 or marketing@domino.org.za

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Caption: Domino’s Karen Brokensha making it easy for community members both great and small to support the NPO’s work through financial giving.