Mandela Day – Online Activations

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” Nelson Mandela

We realise and respect that many of you might want to do something for Mandela Day this year but would prefer to do it from the comfort of your own offices or homes. So herewith some simple and super fun options:

  1. Could you zap a R67 gift to us? Thank you Zap away and please challenge 6 – 7 friends to do the same! Can we make it easier? WhatsApp us on 083 777 5633 and we will send you the mobile Zapper link to forward on …
  2. Are you an avid Zwift racing cyclist? Yay then please cycle in the Virtual Aquelle Tour Durban on 25 and 26 July 2020. It is R50 per entry and you can seriously chase that leader board!!
  3. Or are you more of a #WeekendWarrior type cyclist, where it’s about the coffee and the connecting and the great open road? Great, then please get your cycling crew and sign up to participate in the Virtual Aquelle Tour Durban on 25 and 26 July 2020 It is also R50 per entry and you can race your mates along the beach, bush or berg …
  4. Are you artistic and wildly creative? Could you draw a picture, do a painting, create a doodle or take a series of photographs? Anything to do with hope. Then you can auction it off to your friends and family online, tag us in your “online exhibition”, share your story and donate the proceeds to us!
  5. Do you act, create drama, write poetry or sing? Could you add your voice to a video about the importance of education, justice and nutrition? You could share it on your social media channels and tag The Domino Foundation to create greater awareness of the importance of the #DominoEffect – #fromcradletocareer giving #dignity #hope and #justice
  6. How about challenging your friends overseas to any of the above options? We have PayPal especially for those that love Africa, her sunshine, Shwe Shwe, the big 5 and our beloved Madiba!
  7. Could you continue to raise awareness and support of our Hope Vouchers please? R410 is just a click away and brings freedom of choice and dignified relief aid

THANK YOU AND GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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#KnowYourNPO: Red Light

We’re excited to announce that from October Red Light Anti Human Trafficking officially joined The Domino Foundation as one of our community transformation initiatives. Which makes it the perfect time to shed some light on our newest programme! Read about Red Light here, what this union means for you and how you can get involved.

#1. Did you know that 27 million people are a victim of human trafficking across the globe Human Trafficking = Exploitation of vulnerabilities.


#2. Red Light reaches out and assists survivors of human trafficking and exploited sex workers who feel they cannot exit the industry due to social and economic circumstances. Although Red Light works with victims of sex trafficking you cannot truly separate sex trafficking from other forms of human trafficking – forced labour or being smuggled into a country means that individuals are more likely to be exploited for commercial sex acts.


#3. As one of the few second phase human trafficking programmes in our country, we have a heart to see exploited human-trafficked survivors restored to hope and dignity. We do this through REACHING OUT, RESTORING and RELEASING victims of human trafficking to fulfil their purpose and destiny.

#5. Our vision is to reach out, restore and release survivors of exploitation and Human Trafficking. We do this through equipping and empowering individuals spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively to be able to fulfil their purpose and destiny.

#6. We are motivated to see the chains of oppression broken and the oppressed set free!  This is done through REACHING OUT into Durban’s areas of high prostitution and exploitation. Red Lights heart is to LOVE and build sustainable relationships with the ladies and identify and assist those who are exploited or vulnerable to exploitation.


#7. Red Light has a RESTORATION programme for Human Trafficked survivors and sex workers who are vulnerable to exploitation. Our Drop-in Center creates an environment where we offer emotional, financial and spiritual support with the aim to restore Dignity and Hope.

#8.Red Light’s programmes are based on LOVE and the word of God to release our beneficiaries into sustainable lives of FREEDOM and HOPE.

#9. Do you want to support a Survivor of Human trafficking but aren’t sure how? Simply sign up to MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet (It cost’s you NOTHING) and make The Domino Foundation a beneficiary. Every time you shop at participating outlets, the store donates a portion of your shopping cost to us! Sign up to the MySchool programme here: http://www.dom


#10. Support The Domino Foundation Red Light Programme by donating through Zapper South Africa. Simply take out your phone, scan the QR code below and select an amount to donate. Proceeds will go towards supporting survivors of Human Trafficking.





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