‘Unlimited’ Opportunities

Indlela has launch a new creche development programme in partnership with The Unlimited Child, an organisation that focuses on early childhood development.
For the past few years Indlela has been supplying soup on a daily basis to an ever-increasing number of crèches in Amaoti, a feeding programme that was extended this year to include porridge at breakfast as well as lunch-time soup for the hungry babies and toddlers at some 30 crèches in this impoverished area.  Most of these crèches are informal, having begun with one ‘gogo’ babysitting her grandchildren and growing as more and more neighbours started sending their children to her for a minimal fee – certainly not enough to feed 20 or 30 hungry mouths! While this is a good example of community co-operation, it has limitations in that the ‘gogos’ are not equipped to stimulate the children and prepare them for formal school.

Children Playing with new toys

Yvonne Haviland, project leader for Indlela’s feeding programme, recognised that these children were not ‘school ready’ and was concerned that they would be seriously disadvantaged when they started Grade 1. The result was the partnership between Indlela and TheUnlimited Child, which trains caregivers, many of whom have very Children playing with their new toyslittle formal education themselves, to stimulate their charges.  90 caregivers have already benefitted from the organisation’s training and, in addition, The Unlimited Child has sponsored educational toys worth thousands of rand for those crèches whose carers have undergone training.

Indlela and The Unlimited Child are committed to feeding both the bodies and minds of Amaoti’s children today so that they will be able to build a better tomorrow for themselves and their families.

Crèches with their new Educational material

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