Who is The Domino Foundation?

Who exactly is The Domino Foundation and what do they do?

So Red Light joined The Domino Foundation at the beginning of October and kicked off Human Trafficking awareness week (3 – 7 October) by presenting at a number of corporates and donors to educate their staff on the ills of Human Trafficking (HT).

It was an incredible week raising awareness through our #ISeeYou and #Bagging campaign and a number of people participated in the weeks events. And now that HT awareness week is over, the dust has started to settle and the transition into The Domino Foundation is well on its way. But who is The Domino Foundation and what do they do?

Well we hope to answer exactly that question over the next few weeks and help YOU to #KnowYourNPO now that we (Red Light Anti-Human Trafficking) are a part of The Domino Foundation.

We will look at:

  • WHAT does The Domino Foundation do?
  • WHY do we do what we do?
  • HOW do we do it?
  • Ways to SUPPORT us as part of The Domino Foundation.

“Essentially, at the core of who we are, is a collective of like-minded individuals who are inspired, motivated and encouraged to see the world changed.”

So keep checking on Facebook this week and follow the hashtag #KnowYourNPO for more!


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