The Domino Foundation is a registered NPO and PBO with a desire to see individuals and communities within South Africa living in dignity, justice, hope and purpose. Through 7 focused community transformation initiatives, Domino directly impacts the lives of thousands of individuals daily, across KZN and The Western Cape. Over the past decade, The Domino Foundation as witnessed the power of the #DominoEffect as changed lives continue to change generations.

Vision & Mission

We desire to see individuals and communities within South Africa living with dignity, justice, hope and purpose.


The Domino Foundation is a non-profit organisation that creates essential structured interventions geared towards meeting the needs of individuals and communities physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually through MERCY, JUSTICE and EMPOWERMENT.

Our Theory of Change

The Domino Foundation believes that for effective social change to take place within our nation, three key pillars need to be addressed,

SOCIAL CHARITY – To help those in need.
We understand that there is a need to address basic human needs and so charitable activities will always form the foundation of holistic interventions, BUT the intervention needs to move beyond charity and onto sustainable empowerment.

SOCIAL JUSTICE – To give everyone an equal and fair chance in life.
The first step to move beyond charity is to fight against the injustices that people face and to provide equal opportunities to all.

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP – To use economic development to empower communities
To ensure sustainability and generational impact, true empowerment needs to take place. Using economic development, training and skills transfer techniques individuals and families will be equipped to capitalise on opportunities to support and sustain their lives.

Annual General Meeting 2017

The Domino Foundation AGM for 2017 was held on Thursday 17 May 2018 at Anthem Church, 37 MacKeurtan Avenue, Durban North. The evening’s programme included an overview of the past year, an address by the Executive Chairman, and a focus on each of the seven programmes as well as the election of new members of the Board.

Download our AGM report for 2017 >>